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  1. This is the gazebo. Not my decor,but where we planned on getting married had it not rained;) sorry for low quality pics,my computer crashed and these are off of Facebook.
  2. This was the precious gem package reception in the moonstone.
  3. Futuremrsbarr13, Thank you,and thanks for all your help. Yes liquid sunshine:) Many blessing right! We ended up with our reception at the Moonstone too,which was lovely. I didn't even care that it rained I was so happy. Another wedding was able to have theirs at the gazebo right after us. We ran over to it after they had it decorated,and had our pictures took there before the next couple's wedding started;) Bride79, Rusty is there everyday around 10am. He wears a shirt that says Rusty on it. I would stick with the resort tour for Margaritaville and shopping,it's not that expensive and they have big busses. Go with the smaller ones for just small groups and non touristy areas. I think he only seats 10 or so. Just call/email to find out about prices. They are very helpful and can set your mind at ease.
  4. The water and sky are so beautiful!! The ocean is crystal clear.
  5. Hi bride79, The price would depend on which package you get. We had a small party of only 6,and chose the free package. We did our own decor and I made the flowers. If we were to have more than 6,then yes we would of had to pay extra,or upgrade to another package. The staff there is top notch. They go above and beyond to please. The preacher was great,we kept the vows they wrote because they were even more beautiful than we could write. Hairstylist did a great job. I was at total ease. The cake was really good. The presentation of food is top notch,however I was not a fan of any of the foods taste,except the pizza place and drinks. We left and went to take our bridal party to Evita's restaurant.They have a driver that comes and picks you up. It's a great Italian place overlooking Ochos Rio. Pricey but amazing food and service,and a great view. The owner even popped in just to greet us(we emailed reservations in advanced). So yes to having the wedding,but if you stay for your honeymoon you may want to explore outside the resort. See Rusty for outside tours. He gives better prices than the resort and takes you to the most gorgeous falls at the blue hole in a nice bus. Also he took us to have fresh caught lobster in a little shack. Best lobster ever! At the resort Ask for Steven if you want to go on a private sailing trip to James Bond beach. Treat him well and he will take you to some great beaches past the resort. Just don't mention it to his boss;) Hope this helps and congrats!
  6. This one was on the beach at the resort taken by their photographer. It is my favorite photo. The other was taken in the tree bar. The photo wouldn't let us sit on the bar, but we had a friend convince the bartender to let us. A nice tip helped:)
  7. We had a wonderful wedding on Aug 31st at the Jewel. It did rain,but they had a back up and everything went smoothly. The coordinator was the best. The photographer took great photos, we had Tyrone. I will try to post photos.
  8. ReneeG

    Jewel Dunn's River Resort

    Our wedding 8-31-13 Jewel Dunn River Resort in Ocho Rios,Jamaica.
  9. Congrats everyone!!! Yes I am very excited!! I will let you know about the dress Recy. I have been nervous about it! I bought the dress before we had decided Jamaica. Otherwise I would have looked for a lighter dress. It is beautiful,but weighs 9 pounds! I know I will be sweating! What have you all decided about tux,suits? We decided to buy my fiance a new suit instead of renting a tux for an extended time from the USA. Deltabelle8, I have been stressing a lot! More due so to the stress put on by family members than anything. Hence our small wedding in Jamaica. I know in the end everything will be great and yours will too. I have had every bad thing happen lately. Like crazy bad beauty issues. My best friend told me to stay home till my wedding day!! lol
  10. I am next month in Ocho Rios.
  11. Your welcome. I think she is to mainly make sure you get all the right documents in. How big of a wedding are you having? Mine is small, and all staying at the resort anyway,so we were going to book at one of the restaurants for the night. I can't afford any upgrades. I now on vrbo.com you can rent nice big 4bedroom and up homes overlooking the ocean that come with butler,maid,and driver services included. You just have to pay for the food. That is what we were going to do at first.
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