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  1. hey Just wondering if any of your husbands to be are wearing a navy suit? I chose my dress a while back and it is the colour "blush" - a very light peach colour, only slightly Different from ivory. My other half, obviously doesnt know what my dress is like and has purchased a navy, but not too dark blue suit! I am really not sure if this will go, and I think a navy blue colour on the gazebo is too dark?! Whats your thoughts girls?
  2. Hi everyone Do we have to book caribe photos through lomas? or do we have to go through caribe direct, for example by contacting them via their website? PS. what do you think to the prices of the cakes? Has everyones cake who has got married here been good? Thanks Amy
  3. We have had our wedding confirmed as 22nd May 2015 at 12pm ! Think I may ask to change it to make it a little later, any one got any ideas what the best time is to get married? We only have 10 people coming with us so we arent having a reception or anything too fancy What is the spa like? I'm hoping they can do "Up hair" well !! Thanks Amy
  4. Hi jade yes Thomson told us that too hehe and are u going on their dream liner 787? I will ask about the decorating fee. .. Do u know if the gazebo is brown or white for sky deck/ beach ? I will try that place u went to have u got a pic of ur dress ? I have a pic of one I would like. .. I'm probably too short for neck one too lol being 5ft 3 !! Bet ur really excites hehe xxx Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  5. Hi jade thanks soo much it's great to have a fellow UK bride on here so u can take the rose petals and they don't charge u to use them ? Lol. I was also thinking a silk bouquet... so are you making yours yourself ? Will it be ok whilst travelling ? It won't get squashed ? We want purple as a theme. . What about u ?? Also the shop u went to was it the one in Burton the wedding dress outlet ? I'm going there in July I really want a fishtail dress. .. Thanks for all the information btw we will be doing the lowest caribe photo package at 600 dollars xxx Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi jade I'm from the UK we are booking with Thomson this weekend for our wedding in may next year. We want the sky deck wedding. .. same as u we haven't got a large party only 12 adults 2 kids so will have similar problems with reception etc. .. to keep costs down I'm going to buy the material for the gazebo myself but apparently they charge you $250 for set up of decor. ... how have you found Thomson ? What location are you getting married at5 ? If you would like to pm me my email is amyrichardson8@msn.com xxx Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. We are booking the travel and wedding this week OMG so exciting!! i doubt we will go for the memorable moments package add on as we would simply not be able to justify it with only having 20 guests on the actual day! So, does anyone know the measurements for the gazebo on the sky deck...so I can purchase the material as appropiate.....? Oh and the chairs, that would be fabulous........has anyone else done this??
  8. Hi both.... Thanks for the replies....i have read also that I would have to purchase the pearl $950 to do the sky package too.... I will speak to my tour operator, just deciding between Azul Sensatori and Azul Fives at the moment. Thanks again
  9. hello everybody We are hoping to book @ the sensatori for may 2015 does anyone know if you can do the 'free' wedding package and still get married at the sky deck for an additional cost? does anyone know how much the sky deck is? Thank you xx
  10. hello everybody.... Are there any El Dorado brides from the UK...? I am considering booking through Thomsons, could u please share your experiences? Also, does anyone know how much it is to get married on the sky deck? And how much the blood tests are & judge fees? As I believe these need to be paid locally??? Thanks in advance x
  11. sorry to be a pain but......... I have been told by the holiday company I wish to use (Thomson) UK, that the sunshine package will be £739, and there are still local legal fees to pay, around $750 for blood tests, registrar.... has anyone else heard about this? They are also telling me that the amount is subject to change and they cannot provide a breakdown as it is direct from the hotel.... so basically we could get there and they could charge however much they want???! Thanks in advance Amy
  12. I didn't know you could stop at one hotel and get married at another? (that is not in the same chain??) Do you know if guests have to pay for day passes etc? any help welcome, we are due to book this month for May 2015 thanks in advance
  13. thanks, although not sure I can email until we get assigned a wedding co ordinator a few months before the wedding?
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