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  1. Thanks so much, ladies!! I appreciate the reassurance! Sometimes it's hard seeing all these other beautiful dresses and hoping I made the right choice! @@1BeachBride I'm undecided on the veil issue. I would love to do a cathedral-length veil, but I worry about it blowing around too much on the beach. Any thoughts on this?? @@NJBride2014 Wow! your dress is stunning! You rock the hell out of that!!
  2. I've loved looking at all the dresses posted here and thought I'd share mine! I was the girl who always dreamed of the day I'd get to try on wedding dresses... and in my dreams, I was always wearing a big, princess-y ballgown! I'm glad I went shopping with an open mind, though, because it turns out I'm more of a mermaid girl. When I tried on this dress ("Ethel," by Vera Wang) I know it was the one!
  3. Both gowns are stunning! You have great taste! I'm partial to your original Monique, though. Wear it proudly and don't second guess yourself--it's completely perfect for your beachy wedding!
  4. Congrats to all the 2015 brides! I've just finalized the date for our Jamaican wedding and am starting the planning process. We'll be getting married 5.14.15 at the Riu Ocho Rios. Look forward to using this site for help and inspiration!
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