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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by pschopen I'm also from WI!! We live in Madison. We are getting married at EDR in January, and having 55 guests at least.... 53 have booked so far, with more that are still probably going to. We are having a semi-private dinner at cocotal. They are charging us $20 per person for anybody beyond 40 people! This is something we are not happy with. However, we are getting a lot of kickbacks through delta vacations and funjet vacations (which is who people are booking through). We are paying for a 2 hour cocktail party as our reception, and renting their stuff to use for our ipod. They have set up fees for pretty much everything. Just so you know, these are negotiable and we have been able to complain enough to get our coordinator to at least reduce the fees. Overall, I feel EDR has not given us any perks for bringing them more business, and instead we have had more fees. I'm hopeful that when we go down there and have our meeting before our wedding they will give us more perks or netotiate with us more regarding these extra fees. I mean cmon... we are bringing 55 people to their resort!!!!!! I know that all sounds pretty negative. I don't mean it to be, but it's just been our experience prior to going down there. The resort looks amazing, the coordinator has been in touch with me fairly regularly, although it usually takes 2 weeks before she will email me back regarding things. I don't know if this helps much... but just gives you a clear look at what's to be expected. -Paula That's so funny! Wisconsin girls definitely know where to party! Are you getting your stay for free at least? Karisma just started a new package for 2014 where they're now including the bride/groom stay for free depending on how many rooms you book (and you'll definitely qualify): http://karismahotels.com/Specials/agentType/ViewType/PropertyTypeID/58 This helped us out a TON and really made us be able to afford having our wedding at El Dorado when we're bringing so many people. My TA made it sound like we could switch to new packages as they're introduced as long as it's before our wedding, so if you're not getting your stay for free, I would definitely ask about it. You'll definitely have to let me know how it goes when you actually go down there. That's part of the reason we were doing SO much research before we signed so we weren't blindsided by so many additional fees that we may have not even thought of. The good news is, we did do a site check in September and it's really the most gorgeous place and worth the hassle. We can't wait for our family and friends to see this place. You and your guests will have such a great time! Thanks for all your help too and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by amanda50388 I am from WI!!! I just noticed your thread, are you going through a travel agent at all? We did In Germantown, she was very helpful on everything. Amanda - That's awesome!! Small world! We were actually dealing with two travel agents at one point, but we picked La Macchia Travel in Kenosha because they told us about El Dorado, and we fell in love with the place! Quote: Originally Posted by jnitschke Jen - Thanks so much! All the info you gave is super helpful! I just found out that they switched the packages (if you book enough rooms) to going from free unlimited private events, to 20% off private events which sounds like what you had. It's also good to know about the setup fees and to make sure to budget that it. Their stuff is awesome, but so not worth paying that much money for. I'd much rather bring some stuff down and pay the setup fee. I'll start saving all my fun questions for the WC instead of the TA too. Thank you!! You have no idea how much that helps!
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    Our site check in September 2013
  4. Thanks so much ladies! Believe me, I've been researching everything I possibly can before we sign anything. Allie's thread about the whole resort has been super helpful too! And after showing my fiancé your husbands ensemble, Lindsey, it's now exactly what he wants for his. Right now, our WC/TA are telling us we don't get to use our private events the day of our wedding for anything.. which we would have used towards dinner or at least part of the extra cocktail hours we still need to pay for. Plus, they're telling us there's still an extra fee to rent Tucanes. I understand if we need to pay for our dinner no matter what option we pick, but to also pay to rent the venue seems like an extreme. I saw a lot of girls on here say they were getting charged extra for fees that other girls weren't charged for, and I just want to make sure I'm not getting cheated on anything.. And once we sign, I know we'll have less power to negotiate anything. Thanks for the link to the new wedding packages, Allie. I'll start looking into that too!
  5. Thanks so much for your response! The semi private dinner is for only 40 people and since we're going to be well over that, and we would prefer to have the private dinner, I wasnt sure if they would give us any sort of credit to use it somewhere else. And what the actual fee is to rent the Tucanes because its not posted there or on here. We were also told us we can't use the private event deal the day of our wedding (free cocktail event or dinner/lunch every day) and I'm just checking that was the case for everyone who had enough people to qualify for the private events.
  6. Hello ladies! I've been watching the website for a while, and we're just about to book with El Dorado, but I have a couple of questions for the experts. Does anyone know if there's a fee to have the reception at the Tucanes Bar? We're eligible for the private events. Are we allowed to use them on our wedding day? We have about 65 guests. If we can't use the private events on our wedding day, and we still want to have the reception at Tucanes instead of the Cocotal, are at least 40 people covered for dinner by the wedding package? We're just getting a little worried about the cost for so many people. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Hello ladies! I've been stalking this website for a while, but this is my first post. We're super close to booking El Dorado Royale, but I just want to be sure we're making the right decision. We actually got to visit El Dorado back in September and stayed at Moon Palace, and we completely fell in love with this place. Our only issues right now is the cost because we have about 65 guests coming, and the fees are adding up pretty quickly. If we had it our way, we would book the Fuentes Gazebo for the ceremony and Tucanes Bar for dinner and reception. I just have a couple questions for the brides that have already went through this process: Did you guys pay a fee to book the Tucanes Bar? If so, how much? Were you able to use your private events (3 course meal or cocktail hours) towards your wedding day? If not, when you purchased one of the wedding packages, were at least 40 guests covered by the package for dinner even though you didn't have it in the restaurant? What do you think was the best food option from the menus? Obviously, the buffets sound amazing, but I just want to make sure they're worth the money. Also, has anyone tried the set menus? How does that work? Do the guests pick the day of, or do they have to pick ahead of time? Sorry if any of these were asked in earlier posts, but I tried to look as much as possible before posting. Thanks so much for your help!
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