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  1. Yay!!!!!!! Was thinking about you! I had a hard time getting my Mrs.B hanger back too! Glad it was perfect!!
  2. I'm going to do the wallybag too. I'm bringing so many other dresses for the trip, I might as well.
  3. I am too! Favors and welcome bags just about done. Civil ceremony scheduled!!
  4. Ours isn't too bad compared to what my other sister just went through in the states. Sure you can peek in what are some of your details? At you going to do a restaurant or private beach dinner? How long are you staying? What time is the ceremony?
  5. Definitely, she will be there Friday to Wednesday. We are bringing a photographer friend with us. It really allowed us to get the most bang for our buck. We can't have a reception in a restaurant because we are too big. I'm leaning towards the beach. What time is your ceremony? It'll be beautiful and peaceful! That's how I pictured mine, but its starting to get drama filled.
  6. We are flying from NJ. We arrive 11/5. We are doing a symbolic ceremony. I didn't want to risk a delay in paperwork. There is a couples treatment, hair style and make up included in my wedding package. We are going to do the couples treatment but I don't really need the hair and makeup. My hair is really short and I'm just putting a flower in my hair, but I'm going to keep the appointment in case I can't get my hair straight because of the humidity or I can't get the flower to stay, etc. I also don't need the makeup appt because my sister just graduated from makeup design school in NYC. I asked them if I could swap those appts for mani /pedi, but they said no. I'll probably just get a polish change on the wedding day.
  7. Yes, let's meet like Monday!! I contacted the spa today for the first time. My ceremony is a 5pm. Where are you flying from? Most of our guests are flying in on Friday. The girls in this forum have been very helpful!
  8. Welcome!!! We leave on the 12. What time is your ceremony? We aren't having an at home reception so we are going more in depth at EPC. Our total guest count t is 42.
  9. Hi there! I'm 11/8 at Excellence Punta Cana. We have about 40 people going. Photog booked, dress ordered (fitting in 3 weeks!), ceremony written, rings bought. Started oot bags and making favors! Not much to do, but tons to do at the same time.
  10. My fiance handmade beautiful card boxes for his 2 sisters for their traditional at home weddings. They just surprised us this weekend with a smaller, flat box that will pack easily and can hang on the wall when we arrive home. I was on the fence about a card box, but this was definitely an awesome gesture, and now I have one!
  11. @@tbrow813 congratulations on your wedding! Would you please provide us with a review of your experience?! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  12. @@kellisbaby, A private reception is included with the gold package (including 2 centerpieces), and I think also the Excellence of love pkg. I have been emailing with Emy Rose lately. I also found out that I can not change out my hair and make-up for a mani/pedi. Oh well
  13. Shellyn, This is AWESOME! Thank you! You've provided us with so much information! Congratulations on your wedding! What did you use for music during the reception and cocktail hour? Maybe I read it wrong, but it sounded like you only used your ipod for the ceremony. I am having an evening wedding and was going to try to have my reception in Las Olas. We have about 28 people so far. How was your room? Otherwise, it seems as though they were pretty accommodating with everything. I was going to try to switch some things around as far as mani and pedi instead of hair and make-up... (My hair is really short and my sister does make-up).
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