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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm new to this forum and in the beginning stages of my planning.. Our date is set for April 25, 2014. We have our reception at Portofino Terrace, however I'm beginning to be concerned about it fitting all my guests. Deyanira told me that it fits a maximum of 50 people....but my concern is that I will have more than that attending. I originally never thought that more than 50 would come, but we do have a large guest list due to our parents wanting to invite everyone out of courtesy....but I'm freaking out! What if all these people decide to come!! I really love the Portofino space. Has anyone heard of them letting us book the restaurant instead and having cocktail hour on the terrace? Anyway, back to my original question. What will the WC do if we have more than 50....any help would be great! (I'm thinking we might be closer to 60) Thanks!! Lauren
  2. April 25, 2014! Very excited and can't wait to get some ideas from this forum! :-)
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