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  1. You're very welcome! I couldn't imagine planning without help. I started planning in June. I only have to pay a one night stay for the photographer. The others were vendor fees of at least 100.00. I don't carry my book around everyday so I don't have exact numbers right now. The vendor fees adds up quickly! It seems ridiculous! Since I'm having the welcome party at the resort where most will be staying, its as simple as making reservations for the restaurant. The coordinators says it will not be a problem unless the bride at the suites reserves it for her group. To have them come over to the g
  2. My wedding is on the May 31st. I will have about 50 guests. 99% of them are staying at the suites hotel. I wanted to make things affordable as much as possible. I originally was signed up with destination weddings.com but later decided that they would be too stressful with the contracts and deadlines. Just as I was to make a decision, I found a travel agent here in NY that allows payments for both hotel and air (I'd be happy to share her info, if anyone is interested). We were able to get group rates thru delta airlines and she was able to block out rooms for my group. She has been WONDERFUL!!
  3. Hello, I am a little further with planning. I may be able to answer some questions.
  4. I would rather hang a small pic of him from the bouquet.
  5. I'm getting married in May 2014. I wanted to hold off until November so that I could loose some more weight, but I don't want to be rushed then to make a decision. When are you getting married?
  6. Lol I refuse to answer. I say "if you still have questions after reading the invite please call me".
  7. My Passport invitations were a absolute hit!! My future in laws keeps ordering extra just to give out as keep sakes. With all the info that I provided in the book, I still get asked questions!! Ugh, I wish people would just read everything in there first!!
  8. Thanks for that info! I'm in NY. I will check it out.
  9. Question to past and future brides..To airbrush or to not?? How did it hold up with tears and sweat??
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