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  1. I haven't seen any tread for the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, for 2014 weddings, so I thought I would make one. My wedding is at the Iberostar Grand in February 2014. My numbers of guests are still up in the air, I have about 130 invited. I would think we would have about 60 people attending, I am assuming some guest will be staying at the Suites and Beaches. We are having the wedding on the beach at the Grand, in front of the Porta Maria, followed by a cocktail hour on the beach with a steel drum band and then a reception also on the beach, with the bonfire, DJ and the wooden dance floor. I think for supper we are doing buffet (I haven't looked to deep into the food choices yet, but the food at the Grand is good so I'm assuming I will be ok). I want my wedding to flow from one element to the next so there is no boring moment. I have been at the resort a few times and I do like it. I booked my wedding date, when I was there for New Years this year. I am really excited about it and I am having a ton of fun planning. I'm wondering what everyone else is doing for their 2014 weddings at the Grand? What kind of time-lines are people giving themselves before they settle on things such as decor and food?
  2. I have been at this resort before, and will be going back in a month for a family trip and to also see this about planning my wedding in Jamaica. I am thinking of booking my wedding at the Grand for March 2014. My family loves this resort, Jamaica and a destination wedding seems best for my and my FI because our families are both spread across the world (We have people in various parts of Europe, Canada, U.S, Austrialia etc) , so its easier by doing it somewhere abroad and we love the beach. So I am wondering how group travel would work for that since 70% of guests would be coming from different countries and if anyone had a similar problem or concern and how they dealt with it? Booking at the resort would not be the problem, but I wondering if different arrival dates and such for different guest from different locations in the world could affect they Iberostar does the booking? I have been reading a lot about destination weddings, but one think I haven`t really come across is if one does their wedding in a resort like Iberostar Grand how they get rid of the watchers (which I would not mind if they are at a distance) and the random people who have the nerve to walk through the wedding in a speedos and then take pictures of the wedding up close so they are in all the pictures. I had that happen to friend who had her wedding at a different resort in Mexico, were she had a random man during the ceremony come up right to priest in his speedo while they where doing vows and take photos with his large camera, the resort staff did nothing and it was a grooms man who had to get him to go away mid ceremony. It took away from her day and I felt bad for her. It`s my large pet peeve when people do that and I would not want that my wedding. Does anyone know what Iberostar Grand does to get rid of that if anything like that, if I would want to have my wedding on the beach. The other question I have is if Iberostar Grand does anything to prevent wedding crashers from entering the private reception? The other think is for the bond fire do they also have any method of stopping crashers? Thanks
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