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  1. I just returned from my wedding trip to Grand Bahia Principe Akumal. It was the best vacation and wedding I could have ever asked for! Eugina and her assistant Gina were awesome! The day went off without a hitch. It started with the hair and makeup duo arriving at the resort to do myself my mom and my sisters hair. http://www.yucatanhair.com/ Michael and Martina were amazing! They both work at the same time so you are finished hair and makeup in what feels like no time. They were more then willing to try and get around the resort fee of $90 per person.. we tried to be sneeky but didnt work.. very high security. I didnt mind paying because they have very reasonable prices! After that Gina brought the flowers to my room they were beautiful... although do watch.. some flowers that were supposed to included in my package we paid for up front... i knew this at the time just didnt speak up. We paid almost $200 for flowers. Next I received a call that the cart was ready to pick us up... we were running late.. which i never do... and i watched a wedding hte day before that was 1/2 hour late and i thought how does that happen... well it happened! Just the three of us getting ready takes a lot of time! Anyway cart drove us to location... Eugina and Gina were there waiting for me! they gave us a quick run down on the way the walk where to stand ect.... then the music started and she ushered us when to walk. I only had one bridesmaid so we made it down before the music was finished which was fine because they had turned it off at the right time. We ended up having our own officiant which read our own speach/reading... it was perfect for a destination wedding.. (I can send it to whomever may want to use it) It was perfect they had a table with flowers for him and a cordless microphone. As the ceremony finished we kissed and walked down the isle to a champagne toast and mariachi band they didnt stay for the 45 mins it says in the wedding package but that was fine... 45 mins is a long time and i wanted to get along with photos. The photos the resort photographer took are amazing.. we went with the 15 package.. they took almost 200 and then met with us a few days later so we could choose.. they try to sell you on more.. but we had a couple photographers in the group who took 100's of photos so we didn't need more then the 15 from the resort.. even though they were amazing. We went to La Hasienda for some photo ops and around the resort and beach... it was perfect.. Then attended dinner at Dolce Vita.. at first i thought 2 hours for dinner would be plenty but it seemed to go so fast! We didnt do any speeches or anything just a quick thank you to the group and it was already 2 hours! everyone was having such a great time! We then headed steps outside to the poolside for the outdoor reception.. i didnt realize we were getting a DJ and went ahead and made a playlist myself... so when Eugina said i did get one included i was very happy! I had already done all the work with the playlist so i just asked him to play what i had on my list and then it was great because the guests could also make requests. We had a full bar but only paid for the lower option one!!! At 10:30 it was all over and it was the best day everyone had a blast and most importantly my husband and I. I had so much help from people in this community if anyone has any questions please email me amandaherrling@@gmail.com I am more than happy to help any brides who have any questions!
  2. What songs did you ladies use to walk back down the isle together? need some ideas! thanks,
  3. Can anyone suggest anything about hair or makeup wedding day? the provided salon? hire someone outside if so who? Getting close!
  4. That really sucks!! so technically people coming down get shafted! If i were any other person i would pay the same price and get three restaurant meals, now that the people are coming down for a wedding they get three restaurant meals but one is taken up by a set menu chosen by someone else... just seems shady! I wonder if there is any way around that.. or am i just being picky?
  5. awe, i was hoping that wasnt the case I figure if all 26 of us went to any of the other restaurants on any other day we could sit as a group and order what we want.. I understand its probably easier for them to do it that way.. but not easier for me Is that because for a one week stay each person gets 3 restaurant nights... and with a wedding techinically they get 4? because the wedding night doesnt count against a restaurant meal?
  6. Hey Ladies! My wedding will take place at the Akumal Beach location in Feb. I am just talking with the WC Eugina which has been great. I am wondering what all of you had for dinner (we chose Dolce vita at Akumal) she wants me to chose what each person will be eating (the same appy soup and main for all 26 people) I am a little uncompfortable choosing one dish for all 26 people to eat the same thing.... any advise? was it the same for you all??
  7. I am having the SAME issue... have you decided on anything yet... I am considering eloping.. soo many decisions... so many reviews... how to choose.. i didnt think i was a picky person... BUT OH MY this is WAY harder then I thought..
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