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  1. Any past brides have any advice on if a dance floor is needed on Tequila Terrace? We currently have a lighted dance floor that we are renting with our DJ, but it's an added expense that I sure would like to chop, if possible. Curious how dancing works on the terrace without the dance floor -- mainly, if ladies heels will be an issue?? Thanks in advance!! 26 days to go!!! Weeeeeeee
  2. We're also going with the Tres Leches... read a few reviews and seems to be a winner! Fingers crossed!! 32 days to go!!!! AHHHHHHHHH..... Any last minute advice/reqs from past brides as to things to remember/prepare for, etc.? Trying to make sure I am not forgetting everything and starting to panic HARD CORE about the details. LOL. October is moving FAST!! @@britt1125 How are things coming along for you?! Looks like you're date is just the day before mine! WOOOHOOOOO
  3. @vanessav53 - I have only been in contact with Anel -- who intro'd me to Ramon and said he would be my WC. Sure would like to talk to Juan Carlos though if he's awesome!! I am having a heck of a time getting responses from Ramon and it's starting to make me crazy. My wedding is in 86 days -- seems long to some people, but it's GAINING ON ME SO FAST!!! LOL How did you end up switching to Juan Carlos?? Any tips/tricks??
  4. Can any past brides tell us what the total cost per additional person was at your weddings? For adults and for children?? I know it's $99 plus tax and service, but if I do the calculations, that comes to around an extra $30 per person. I am hoping (!!!) that I am not correct. TIA!! I'd also be curious to hear what kinds of total cost past brides have had with weddings that had approx 55 people. Anyone willing to share? I know it greatly depends on extras, but a ballpark would help calm me, I think.
  5. Here's the info I received from Anel: The cost for an additional adult (over the initial 25) for the Divine package is $99 plus 16% tax and 15% service. Breakdown is below: · Basic set up for the ceremony; $5 usd · Champagne toast at the end of the ceremony; $4 usd · Cocktail hour; $30 usd (this fee includes the basic set up, open bar and hor d´oeuvres) · Divine Menu; $53 usd (this fee includes the location rental fee, the basic set up, dinner and 3 hours open Bar) · Cake; $7 usd There is a kids menu, the cost is $25 usd, The option for them is : Cocktail Fruit or Tomato Soup, Chicken Fingers with Spaguetti Or Cheese Burger with Fries and Ice Cream or Chocolate cake. I booked DJ MANNIA for our wedding in Nov. The price is as follows: DJ service $800.00usd (4 hours) and lighted dance floor 12 x 16ft $650.00 = $1,450.00usd Plus $300 vendor fee at the resort Total for DJ = $1750
  6. Can any past brides share the menus you went with? Having a tough time deciding on what sounds best -- not having tried the food is scary!! TIA!!!
  7. My wedding is in November and I am expecting around 100 I think... as soon as I have final numbers, I can give you a pretty solid estimate of what mine will cost! Good luck in the mean time!!! Congratulations, Vanessa!!! So exciting!!! Can't wait to read your full write-up!! Wooohoooooo
  8. For those that hired an outside DJ, did you have to pay to use a power generator? The following is in the contract for one of the DJ's we are talking to and I am not sure what it means: (I hope I can assume that we will not need a generator and that there will be a power supply for the DJ to use on the Tequila Terrace???) Anyone have any experience with this?? We do not take an electric generator for the reception, in case you need one the price is $800 US per event.
  9. Thank you!!! $800 is RIDICULOUS for $12 lights!!! haha oyyyyy Any recommendation on where to buy chair sashes and napkins??
  10. Were there lights provided for the reception? I see in some photos that there are hanging strung lights... curious if this is something we need to plan for or if it's automatic?
  11. 1 more question for now... Has anyone had their cocktail hour in the same location as their reception? Curious if this is a problem for the resort to get everything set up.
  12. Can anyone shed some light on what kind of hidden costs there might be?? I have read a bunch of the posts and see things like speaker rentals (which I would have assumed would be included in the cost of the DJ?), dance floor rental?? Is the dance floor not included in the cost of the different wedding packages? I'm a little lost and also not sure how to navigate this site yet to figure things out! Any help is greatly appreciated!! Would love to see someone's budget sheet, if possible!! THANK YOU!!!! Hi Ladies! If you choose to get different chairs for the ceremony and reception, do you pay for them twice?? Any ideas?? Also, is the dance floor included in the Divine package? Or do you have to pay extra for it? What about the speakers that will be needed for the DJ? Is that extra too?? Has anyone used their VIP upgrades from the preferred club suites up to the Govenors suite? We currently have the Gov Suite booked for our stay, but if we're able to get that as the free upgrade, we'd most certainly like to do that since the cost difference is so severe. Any help is SOOO appreciated!! Our wedding is Nov 8, 2014 and we've been engaged for over a year but I am JUST NOW getting my butt in gear and becoming obsessed with the planning!
  13. Great review, thanks so much!! Could you share your budget sheet? I'm trying to get all everything accounted for and I am sure there are things that I am not taking into account. THANKS!!!!
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