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  1. I contacted them last week about this. I reserved my package last may for my 2014 wedding and now the wedding planning form has different packages and prices. Anel at drercphoto@adventurephotosmexico.com confirmed those prices listed on the wedding planning excel sheet are the 2014 prices! such a jump in prices thats crazy! Hi Tara, congrats! im getting married May 24th! i recieved the buffet options through an email from another user on here. it is not the same choices as the sit down menu. it is mexican or carribean themed. it doesnt get dark in May until 7ish, so 6pm will still be sunny
  2. Congrats! i picked out my dress a few months ago and start my fittings next week! if your still looking Allure has some really great options that arent too heavy. I have pretty much everything picked out, apparently you do not really book or pay anything until you have your consultation with the wedding planner. I def want the the dj and light up dance floor, and depending on how many people end up going possibly the photobooth. We just sent out the invites last week so the RSVPs are starting to come in We are honeymooning in Cancun as well. The monday after our wedding we will be relocating to another resort in the hotel zone!
  3. thats great! kind of alarming though. We are also booked on south beach for recepetion and cocktail hour at 5:30 pm haha. and our reception will now be at the seaside grille! Claudia will be our wedding coordinator. i have to look through my emails i do not remember who we booked for photographer and DJ (hopefully thats not the same too!) we booked the wedding in january 2013. we are from NJ and expecting about 40 people we cant wait we visited the resort in may and it was amazing!
  4. Hi Brie: we will be getting married may 24th as well! just received some bad news though, apparently we will be moved to the seaside grille for our reception because the pool terrace will no longer be offered in 2014. wish they told me before i made the invites! where are your locations for the wedding and reception?
  5. i really wanted to have my wedding on the pool deck or terrace and everyone is concerned my 2 year old nephew is going to try and jump in the pool... can DRC put up any barriers that arent too noticeable?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsSmith2BMex My wedding is just over 2 months away and its all coming together now. My sand ceremony kit has arrived, I have my bridesmaid dresses and shoes. My H2B has just had his suit tailored and my wedding dress fitting is in a weeks time. We pick our wedding rings up next week. I just need to choose ribbon and gems to use on my bouquets and we are all ready. Any other late December early January brides out there? We arrive on 28th of December and our wedding is January 6th. Lou congrats im in May and cant wait!!!!!!!!
  7. the email packet i got says 15% surcharge for decorations from the outside so make sure its worth it for the laterns!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Wedding2014 oh I see ! Weird how the 500.00 deposit was in usd and didn't see any extra conversion charges but might see that on the final bill... Weird! do your research beforehand, most likely the credit card you used for the deposit doesn't charge foreign transaction fees.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by newmrskassner Hello! I have been lurking on this thread for quite awhile waiting to get my confirmation on my date before posting. I am happy to say that we will be getting married on May 29, 2014 with about 25 guests (still haven't confirmed all). I have learned SO much from all of you...especially Savs! Thank you, and keep posting your amazing reviews and pics! Congratulations to you all! Sommer ill be getting married May 24th 2014 i love this site too ive gotten so many ideas! especially from Savs pictures!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Sabrina26 Yes you can take extra luggage. I don't mind the fees either way we re gonna have tovpay. The thing is the centerpiece are fragile and can't pack them unless its a carry on. Iam starting to stress about carrying all this stuff. I also have other items for check in of things iam bringing down. So I figure shipping the fragile stuff will make my life easier. Iam just not sure i trust the resort to mind them till I get down there. So I was wondering if other brides sent down stuff to resort, aand had a good experience. I'm so torn Hi Sabrina, I read in this thread a while ago that shipping your stuff is not the best option. There's some kind of Mexican anti-dumping laws which subject your package to get searched and maybe even confiscated. You have time to find less fragile centerpieces
  11. I love the way your reception was decorated! so pretty! i was looking at the linen website you had listed... what size table clothes did you use for the round tables? thanks!
  12. Hi emmy, contact spa2.drerc@dreamsresorts.com (i made it urgent and they got back to me quickly) and they will send you the spa menu and a reservation form for your party and the services you would like!
  13. i was told by a travel agent that the promo listed above can only be redeemed by booking through the hotel not a travel website.
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