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  1. Hi un4gitabl. So excited you have food pics!! I've been hunting the internet for them and can't find any!! Also, did you go with the DJ that the resort provided? I'm going with them... I think they're called AVISPL, but don't see any reviews on them so was worried if they're great at working the crowd (although I'm only having 30 guests). Did you find that the beach at night was windy almost every night? Sorry for all the questions, and thank you for your help in advance!!
  2. Hi! Does anyone have any pictures of the wedding food? I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Thank you!
  3. Hi! Has anyone had, or is anyone having, a daytime wedding at SM? I'm wondering what to do for entertainment. I'm considering having a DJ for the lunch reception, but some of our guests seemed hesitant to dance during the day, so we're thinking of saving that for night time at the bon fire or something. Any suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Hi! Has anyone been to the night club/lounge at Secrets? (I think it's called Desires?). It looks like my wedding party will be less than 20 people, so I was thinking of just clubbing there instead of hiring a DJ.
  5. Has anyone had their wedding at the Ballroom Terrace (outside) during the day or evening? If so, could you please send me pictures and your overall thoughts about the location? Cecilia recommended that area to me for my daytime cocktail hour and reception area. I only saw one pic, and very hard to tell if it's got a nice ocean view, how large it is, etc. Any info would be appreciated!
  6. Thank you CriCri! Those are great money-saving ideas! I'm just worried about the reception and ceremony location now since Cecilia said there's no shade during the day. I asked her for suggestions, but no response yet.
  7. Mine's on May 2 in the morning. The afternoon time was already taken, so I'm thinking of having a bonfire and DJ/dancing on the beach after everyone gets dinner on their own. Not thrilled about it, and it's costing me a lot more, but I don't think everyone will dance when it's still bright out! I'm arriving 3 days early to scope some locations out too. Do you have any pictures of the locations? I only saw the few on the SM brochure and website. If I'm having 30-40 people, do you think going with the Ultimate Package is the better way to go, instead of paying per person for food? Everything's adding up so quickly, it's killing me! Lol
  8. Hi Lorcas! That's what I'm leaning towards, and also hoping for the best to get credit for the stuff I don't use and spend it on something else. I'm also lost on what to do next... my wedding's not until May 2014, and I haven't really decided on anything besides the date and time. She told me some of the locations I was interested in doesn't offer shade or privacy (since mine's a daytime wedding), but she hasn't given me any other suggestions/options. Can I ask where you're choosing to have your ceremony and reception?
  9. Hi! I just sent out the invitations, and looks like guests who we didn't think would come are coming, and the guest list is growing fast = lots more $$!!! Plus, mine's in the morning ceremony slot, so I was going to have a DJ and bonfire in the evening after everyone's had dinner. That's a lot of $$ too. If anyone can give me advice on how they kept costs down, etc. for a guest list of 40-60, please let me know. I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about all the additional food/drink costs!! I was going with the Complimentary Package, but is upgrading to the Ultimate better? Please feel free to PM as well. Any help, suggestions, ideas, is appreciated!
  10. Does anyone know who the preferred DJ is at SM? I emailed Cecilia but no response yet.
  11. Has anyone had a morning wedding at SM, and what was your timeline like? I was just told that the 11am is the only time available for all 3 dates I requested, and not sure what to do to keep the guests entertained. I wanted a DJ, but feel weird having to end it in the early afternoon. If I could, I'll start at 11am, and have cocktails in the late afternoon, then dinner and dancing until 11pm, but not sure if the resort would let me do that.
  12. Hi everyone. What transfer company would you recommend in transporting you and your guests from the airport to the resort? I emailed the hotel concierge, and it was expensive since they charged per person, and not per vehicle. Thank you!
  13. Hi! I'm planning on getting married May 6, 2014, but haven't confirmed with Cecilia yet. I'm still trying to find a travel agent who can find me great room rates for my group. Can either of you recommend who you used? I've spend weeks and weeks of trying to plan, and I'm all over the place!
  14. Hi! I'm planning a May 2014 wedding in Cabo, and thinking of either Secrets, Zoetry, or Fiesta Americana. I haven't done much on the planning end, but if you and any other Secrets brides can share their experiences, it'd be appreciated!
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