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  1. Hi everyone - I am looking for some good recommendations for intimate wedding venues in Hawaii. Ideally we would like to rent a large villa, B&B or house (at least 5br) that has a nice lawn, garden, or beach access for a ceremony and reception for about 30 guests. I don't mind if it's by the ocean or in the mountains, as long as it's pretty (and not horrendously expensive)!! There are a lot to choose from on VRBO and other vacation rental sites, but I would love to know if anyone has any experience at any of these places?? It would be great to have a group of close family and friends sta
  2. Hi hlinnea10, I am in the same position! Maui seems to have a lot more options, and I've read that Kauai is the rainiest part of Hawaii, but both look beautiful! Interested to see what other advice you receive...
  3. Hi MauiBrideToBe, I am looking at doing just what you said you did for your wedding in Maui: renting a large house for some people to stay in and having the wedding and reception on the grounds, probably for around 30 people (if we can get them there, from Australia, NZ, USA, Germany and Canada!). Could you tell me where you had your wedding and where you stayed? I have been looking on VRBO (and other vacation rental sites) and there seem to be a lot of options, just wanting to get some feedback on any.Were there many other accommodation options around where you were, for a variety of budget
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