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  1. Hi ladies. Hope your all well. I've had my date through for my wedding next year 21 st October at 3pm I'm so excited. Is there anyone else getting married at the MP in October 2014. Xxx
  2. Hi ladies I've heard bad reviews about the hotels photography. I am looking to go with moments that matter photography. Lincoln is wonderful and very helpful, his pictures are outstanding. Good luck ladies and congratulations on your up coming wedding xxx
  3. My pleasure Leigh. Good luck with your planning, its very exciting times xx
  4. Hiya Hun I'm planning on getting married at the moon palace in 2014 and will only have 9 guests due to the expense of traveling from the Uk. I'm planning to get married in one of the gazebos as its quite windy there. Tell your hubby to be its about you two and not how many guests will be there. You won't look silly only having a few guests it will be small and intimate, just perfect. You will have a wonderful day, MP is a dream location. Love Kelly x
  5. Hiya I contacted the hotel direct and they said I only had to buy day passes at $ 93 each for an outside vendor but they can only do photographs and not video x
  6. Great to hearing your having a great time Sam )) Yes it was only the other day I recieved confirmation about translation etc as Sam has confirmed to xxx
  7. Hi ladies As far as I have been told we need to get a full birth certificate and get it photo copied. You then get it translated along with any other required documents in the hotel, which is charged on site. The hotel then translate your wedding certificate back into English for a fee. This is what I was told by one if the hotel correspondents who u have been emailing to confirm my wedding date. Xxx
  8. Thank u. I had a email off the hotel today saying I had to buy day passes that's all. I can only have photography thought and not videography xx
  9. Thank u. I had a email off the hotel today saying I had to buy day passes that's all. I can only have photography thought and not videography xx
  10. Thank you Sam. Gutted I really liked that location to. Do u know how much the hotel charges to have an outside photographer in at all? I've seen some amazing photos from a photographer and would love them to take my photos but I'm unsure if I have to pay for day passes or a night stay ??? Xxxx
  11. Hello ladies I'm getting married on the 5th novembet 2014 at the moon palace. I can't wait 😀
  12. Does anyone know what locations there are to hold the wedding in? I know there's the beach and various gazebos, but I've seen a photo of a location what looks like a roof top location with wooden benches surrounded by glass walls and there is a stone cross in the middle of the path leading to it. Does anyone know if this location is at moon palace or is it another resort? I'm so sorry to hear about your construction stress ladies, I really hope you get a reply soon to settle your fears. But just remember your marrying the man of your dreams and you will look beautiful. I'm sure u will have a truly amazing time xxx
  13. Hello ladies. I am keen to know your thoughts!!! I am looking to get married in November 2014 do therefore I am unable to book the Hoilday untill November this year through a travel agent. However I have been in contact with the moon palace to ask about my wedding and prices etc. I receive a phone call from a lovely lady called Ana. She took all my details and emailed me a wedding contract giving me a date and time for my wedding in 2014. All I have been asked to do is sign the paperwork and send it back along with my credit card details and $460 to reserve my wedding date and time. Has anyone else been in the same position? I always feel uneasy sending my card details 😳 The $460 is said to include all admin and the civial service along with the blood tests, I'm sure that through a travel agent thus would cost more than what MP are asking. Any advice would be greatly recieved. Thank u Kelly xxx
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