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  1. I actually didn't pay a vendor fee at all for them. My maid of honor is allergic to the makeup that the resort uses so they waived the fee for me. If they hadn't, then I still would have only had one fee- i had a meeting and walk through with my videographers as well a few days before the wedding and I didn't get charged for that either.
  2. I brought all our bouquets down- I made them myself. I had to use silk flowers since we had someone with an extreme latex allergy and "Real Touch" flowers are often made of latex. I packed them all in a suitcase with packing peanuts so the wouldn't get crushed and it worked out perfectly! I also brought our own Boutonnieres - Juan Carlos let me trade the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres in the package for one additional centerpiece which worked out nicely. Our centerpiece arrangements turned out beautiful!
  3. JaxBchKay

    Now Sapphire Wedding

    Tequila Terrace wedding - April 24, 2015 at the Now Sapphire Resort
  4. @@jessiker05 - I managed to get a few up from the reception that give you an idea on the lighting. You can see the flood lights they set up on the terrace if you don't rent any of the special ones, and the light that comes through the windows, there really is plenty of light. I can email you more pictures if you want since uploading them here is proving to be a big challenge.
  5. @@jessiker05 - if you are using the basic chairs there is no moving fee - it's just if you use the special chairs then it comes out cheaper to pay to move them than to rent separate ones for the ceremony and reception. I am slowly adding some photos to my gallery on here but the upload process is terrible and keeps crashing.
  6. I created the excel budget sheet that really helps with some of the questions - if you send me your email address I am happy to share it with you. For my wedding it was really close to the final total Juan Carlos came up with. Like others said the charges apply to additional people over the 25 included. If you bring your own sashes - they charge $1 per chair to tie them (plus tax so it's really $1.16 per chair). Then they charge a fee to move the chairs from the ceremony to the reception if you want to do that. I rented the nicer Tiffany chairs but I didn't want to have to rent an additional 30 chairs (at $10 per chair) so I paid $2 per chair (with tax $2.32) to move them from the ceremony to the reception. For the menu - you choose Hors D'oeuvres for your cocktail hour - you can choose a total of 4 from the hot, cold or sweet options. For dinner you can choose one appetizer, one soup, two entrees (that people can pick from) and one dessert. I didn't want soup so they let me pick an additional appetizer to replace that. @@jessiker05 - I had my reception on the Tequila Terrace and didn't purchase any additional light. I had battery operated tea lights down the table but that's it. The light was fine - there are big windows and lights on inside plus a couple of outside lights - and your DJ will have some lights so it works out perfectly. I can send you some pics if you want.
  7. The dinner goes fast, at least it did for us. I think it would have been worse having dances in between where people had to wait to eat the next course because they felt obligated to stop and watch, it also means dinner takes longer and you don't get to eat things until they are cold. We skipped all the other dances except our first dance - the flow was nice. It was dinner - dessert and then immediately cake cutting then immediately first dance then the dance floor opened to everyone (actually we had the DJ invite everyone to join us half way through our first dance song). It worked out great! If you are stuck on doing all the traditional dances could you condense and maybe do the mother/son and father/daughter at the same time immediately after the first dance?
  8. Here is my wedding video! I highly recommend Wisteria Wedding Films - Tara and Colette were amazing and we love how this turned out!
  9. @@erobin223 - WOW! I'm so sorry you were so disappointed! There were 3 weddings everyday the entire time we were at the resort (almost 2 weeks) but I never felt rushed or dismissed. I did have outside hair and makeup people as well as an outside photographer, videographer and DJ, which I was really glad about. I used the resort photographer and videography from my package at our welcome cocktail party and the pics were ok, but I would have been very upset if they had done my wedding photos, they just aren't very good. Same for the videography. They went around at the welcome party asking guests to say a few words to us and the editing is terrible, they left in something sort of nasty that my son said but cut out something sweet that my daughter said. I also thought I would get a DVD of all the footage they took as well as the edited video but instead I got two copies of their edited video which I didn't even like. Again, all is well because the professionals I hired for the wedding did an AMAZING job. Did you ever tell Juan Carlos you were feeling a bit overlooked? I am sure if he had known then he would have done anything he could to make it right. I never tried calling him while I was at the resort, I actually emailed him and got very quick responses. Our dinner on the beach was fantastic! a couple other people from our group purchased one for a birthday dinner and also had a great experience, it seems that you just had the worst luck. I hate that you feel like you were cheated, no bride should ever feel that way!! I hope that as time goes by the bad things fade and the good is what sticks with you. Sending big hugs to you
  10. I had my bachelorette party at home about a month before we left for Mexico. That way I got to include ladies that weren't able to come on the trip. It was also better because we didn't have to worry about leaving the resort and spending money in another country. My hubby and his best man did go into Cancun one evening and he said that he wouldn't not have wanted me to go with my girls alone.
  11. That part of pool was almost always empty while we were there - everyone is around the bar and gazebo at the other end so you are fine on that. The only thing that might be a little annoying is on the beach side of that terrace is the hostess station for the BlueWater Grille and there is a bar there also for people waiting to be seated. If your wedding is on a night that the BlueWater is closed, it won't be a problem but if it's open, then people will be around and your view of the beach/water might be a bit blocked. Since it's only for cocktail hour and people are walking around anyway I'm sure it will be fine, and the will sort of block it off so people won't be walking through or anything. @@calgarybride2015 - It was hot, and my hubby's shirt was completely soaked by the end of the night, but we snuck down to the beach a couple of times where we had a great breeze and cooled off. Your bright colors worked out beautifully!! Thank you so much! I had the second dress just for dinner and dancing which was nice and I twisted my hair into a bun so it was cooler I brought a ton of the decor with me, the little blue candle holders, the shell candle holders, the table runners, chair sashes, the candles, a few vases, etc. etc. So I have 3 dozen turquoise candle holders and battery operated candles. I'm willing to sell some of them if you are interested, along with chair sashes and table runners
  12. Thank you! We danced down the aisle to Bruno Mars "Marry You" and then back up the aisle to "Happy" We wanted to just enjoy every minute and we did! I have to say, I love how colorful your wedding was! I bet your hubby was very happy he got to wear shorts, mine wanted to but I wouldn't let him
  13. It was actually 6 individual hair pins- I got them on Etsy Search Allure Wedding Jewelry on Etsy and you should see them
  14. We got our wedding photos! We love them! I'm so excited to see our Trash the Dress photos and our video! Here is a quick video I put together with some of our favorite photos - enjoy
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