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  1. I just love the dress! It fits you perfectly!! You are going to be one gorgeous bride!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BSBRose21 Hi Everyone! I am excited about my upcoming (still really far away) December 2014 wedding on Carnival Elation. I am also getting married in December 2014 but we will be going on Disney Dream Cruise
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by sdbride619 April 2014 bride here! sdbride619 what venue are going for? Which cruise are going on? I love to hear everyone's plans and sharing ideas
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by sdbride619 I wonder why they didn't let you choose your wedding time! What venue are you using or beach? We are getting married on the ship docked at Nassau on Dec 16, 2014. Since my dream is a Cinderella wedding we are going on the Disney Dream. So I have a big and heavy Cinderella dress. The next day when we are at Castaway Cay I have a lighter dress and we will be taking pictures on the beach. I will be living out all my dreams I just wish I knew what time we are going to get married. You would think when you book your trip the would automatically get a time. Can't understand the reasoning to that.
  5. I am not a big fan with the time issue. You would think that when you book your wedding they would be able to give you a time for the ceremony. 11:30 is a great time. I hope I can get an early afternoon time. I requested it but they said that I won't know for sure until 45 days before sailing
  6. All you ladies have gorgeous dresses! You make such beautiful and your husbands look very handsome next you and they look great in their dress. I hope I look as beautiful as all of you!
  7. I am actually getting married on the Disney Dream ship! I am so excited!! It is definitely more money then the Carnival cruises. But I a, a huge Disney fan and I have to admit that I am a little afraid to take Carnival with everything that has happened. We are getting married on December 16 the day after the cruise leaves dock. When we dock at Nassau that is when we get married and then the day after we will be docked on their private island Castaway Cay we will also be getting lots of pictures in the sand. I have a different dress for that day more Bach like. My first dress is completely Princess ball gown. We have 13 adults and 7 kids going on the cruise with us,
  8. I have a question for all of you. My fiance would kill me if he knew I was writing this. We are getting married on a Disney Cruise on 12/16/14 with the Princess gown and tux but then the next day we will be at Castaway Cay Bahamas and we both are going to dress down a little from the day before. I got a beach flowy type dress...now this is the issue. He is a very big guy. I don't even know his total weight. I think it is about 300. What do you think would look good on him? He was thinking the linen pants and shirt. He loves colorful Hawaiian shirts and I nixed that right away. I need suggestions...Help!
  9. Beautiful dress...I wouldn't do anything to it. I love the applique on the side. But I like bling on my dresses Just like the other girls said. I can't believe you have a 5 month old! You look fantastic!
  10. Beautiful Dress! I love the way it just flows behind you. You made a gorgeous bride!! Don't you wish you can wear the dress again.
  11. You look amazing in this dress! You make a beautiful elegant bride. I am so happy that the sand comes out of the dress I was a little worried about it.
  12. I agree I like both but my favorite is without. You want peoples eyes to focus up not on the applique
  13. Heather1214 your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the pictures! And you make such a beautiful bride
  14. Congratulations! You are such a beautiful bride and both of you look so happy together!
  15. It is a beautiful dress! Don't have second thoughts. I thought the same thing. I have a cathedral length train and then I thought maybe it is to much for a cruise wedding. As people told me I picked this dress for a reason and so did you! You will make an absolutely beautiful bride in it . Just walk slowly which is prettier when you do that. Wear low heels. You picked this dress because it is perfect for you. Keep it you will be happy that you did
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