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  1. I am planning my wedding at Sonesta Great Bay for December 2014 and they have been excellent in communicating with me.
  2. Hello, I am planning a wedding for December 13, 2014 at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, Casino and Spa in Sint Maarten. Any other Sint Maarten brides out there? Feels like there is no one! lol
  3. Thanks for the tips! Could you also forward the planner to me. My email is margie8721@gmail.com thanks!!!
  4. Did they use a specific website to book the package? Thanks so much for the details!
  5. Sorry ladies I've been away from the forum for over a week so I'm slowly catching up and replying. Unfortunately work is getting in the way! Lol. But im so excited for you all finailizing details and what not. So please excuse my sporadic and late replies/comments. Happy planning!
  6. Congrats Rayn, I also wanted to have a St Lucia wedding but now that everyone is having kids I had to be more budget and family friendly in my choices. Absolutely in St. Lucia you will have a wonderful wedding. I'm already planning ahead, if I can't have my wedding there, I'll celebrate my 1 year anniversary there! Lol That must be an awesome feeling to begin having people book their trips and rave about the invitations. Congratulations!!!
  7. Clearly I'm behind on reading and replying on this board, when I replied to you earlier I didn't realize how way ahead you are in the planning game. I'm so happy for you and envious, I feel so overwhelmed already and I have barely begun planning the details! Can you invite me please! My Pinterest name is margie8721 and email is margie8721@gmail.com. Thanks!
  8. Congrats! Now you can relax a little bit and maybe begin to think about decorations? Favors? Oot bags? Depends what you are having, but definitely you can take a break!
  9. I need to do this too because I feel so overwhelmed with everything. Good luck! I also created a separate email, but even that gets flooded. I also use pinterest but would love to find a way to fully organize that as well. This is my same exact problem! I have emails, ripped up magazine articles, emails electronic pictures lol. It never ends!
  10. So true, weddings bring on a lot of unexpected surprises. But it is OUR day and our future husband's so we cannot let others ruin it.
  11. That is great news here! Even though you had to go through the hassle of exchanging them, I'm sure you were so excited to be doing it for smaller sizes. What a great way to start your summer!
  12. Awesome! Sounds like you are motivated and as long as you stick to your meals I'm sure you will lose them permanently! You can also try to include the quick 30 day workouts of squats and abs into your workouts. Im going to look these up at Walmart over the weekend. I've used the livestrong app to track my meals and I've found it to be helpful. Time is flying! I also tried the military diet twice earlier this year and I lost a total of 12 lbs. The diet is very strict and if you do try it, I would not recommend doing much exercise during those days as you will more than likely get lightheaded and feel weak.
  13. Same here. I was recommended Paradisus Palma Real, but I keep doing my research and i feel many other resorts are also big options. Good luck to you!!!
  14. Yes the Jellyfish is an off-resort restaurant. That's great that you two talked and came to an agreement. Having the fiance's support is reassuring. I actually lost a friend in this whole wedding process because she was upset about whom I chose as a MOH and even declined to be a bridesmaid and later told my fiancé she isn't even going to the wedding. She has yet to tell me this herself. And she was one of my closest friends. Even though for a while, I felt bad and guilty and was considering getting rid of the bridal party, I also remembered this is MY wedding and not hers. As long as you and the fiancé are happy with your choices, do not let anyone make you feel like you HAVE to do something you don't want to.
  15. Hi Divatrotter, Congrats on the wedding!!! Can you share more information about your stay and the resort?
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