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  1. Hey guys! I don't have a lot of time for opinion writing so I'll just throw up the pics of the dresses from Babyonline on me. Not a whole lot to fix, very minimal stuff ! Grand total of everything: under 600!!!
  2. Love it ! A mermaid petticoat might be nice to give it a bit more of a bell shape. Try one on with it if u have a chance to do so!
  3. I remember yours, the drapey twisted one! It was goooorgeous but yes, with a few alteration needs. And what kind of question is that??? OF COURSE you should post final altered pics!!!!
  4. Thanks Danielle ! Yea they all definitely are not bad. All will be determined when I schlep them on myself. About a week til judgement day!
  5. So.... my Babyonline order has shipped out and today I received pictures of what to expect!!!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I ordered 3 dresses from them. Just an FYI: I did have to pester them A LOT to send me photos. Before I post the pics, let me say that overall their work is good but as far as making accurate replicas is concerned....not so much. The first 2 dresses I am semi-okay with, also with the hopes that my petticoat/crinoline will shape them properly. The 3rd dress was my big risky Vera Hayley knockoff and the only one I truly hoped would turn out the best of all 3. All dresses were ordered in ivory and corset back. Also all dresses were made to be drop waist because mermaid shapes do not work for me, nor does puffiness from the waist. I've got me a short torso Anyway, here goes, original links followed by the replica pics: 1. http://www.dhgate.com/2013-new-sexy-strapless-lilac-organza-winter/p-ff8080813b22e145013b5eb945a87ff4.html The difference in the flowers...makes me want to throw a small tantrum, but again crinoline might make this dress look okay and I think this might be the one that's going into the ocean. Something does have to get done about those waist flowers though. Eep! 2. http://www.dhgate.com/2013-sexy-new-sleeveless-organza-ruffles/p-ff8080813b22deb7013b5ed00e89152c.html MAAAAAN, THE SKIRT! So, so different :/. Also, I asked to have the top changed and It looks nice as far as I can tell. Of all 3 this is actually the one I think looks the nicest and a poofy crinoline will give me the look I want with it hopefully. And finally, Hayley. For those of you who have not seen, what I consider to be, the absolute divine Goddess of wedding gowns, here she is: http://www.countryclubbride.com/events/jan-22/designer_picks/vera-wang-brown-bridal-gown-hayley1.jpg And here is the replica: Before any commentary let me say that my expectations were realistic. I knew not to hope for a miracle and honestly, ordering this was more of and experimental. Chief complaint: the edges on the ruffles. Why???? I'm seriously considering going through each one with a small pair of scissors to cut them off. Second: the ruffles are in these even rows but that may be fixed with the crinoline because the dress will increase in width and bunch up a bit in height so the ruffles will become more compact, falling more on top of each other. I might also be able to get them altered in such a way where some ruffles can get taken off and sewn back on in a slightly more randomized way. The sash is getting changed, but that should be least problematic of all. Overall: I am not unhappy. The workmanship is not bad! My final decision regarding satisfaction will, of course, happen when everything gets tried on with the crinoline. What do you guys think of it all?! P.S. I have contacted Vivian Xu (she gets mentioned here and there in this thread and the pics of her work are amazing!). She quoted Hayley at $230 for me so I am asking if she would do a rush order for some extra money. The money spent overall is still SIGNIFICANTLY less than any of these dresses would cost in a boutique . My experience with Babyonline set me back 525 dollars and if I do decide to try for Hayley again with Vivian I will still be in the good budget zone ! BTW, Jasmine charges about 825 for Hayley...
  6. Also, how soon do you guys think I should email Babyonline about progress? The order was set in motion on April 8th.
  7. Also, how soon do you guys think I should email Babyonline about progress? The order was set in motion on April 8th.
  8. So I went ahead and didn't take anyone's advice lol. I took the quantity over quality route and ordered 3 dresses from Babyonline. Some of you might think I'm crazy but I figured it would be nice to have choices plus a possible TTD opportunity as well. The dresses I ordered are not of the simple variety so here's hoping! I'll either be jumping with joy in about 3 weeks or spilling tears of agony. In any case, I PROMISE pics! You guys are gonna wanna see these
  9. I have only seen it a few times on several China replica sites but would really love to know the original designer. Thanks ! http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/701/955/565/565955701_883.jpg
  10. Hi everyone!!!! I am a n00b to posting here but have been lurking for a while. So here it is: the dress purchase has to be done ASAP, and by ASAP I mean like 2 weeks ago. Anyhoo, I have decided that China will be the source (for obvious budgeting reasons) and I've done a ton of research. Jasmine's is absolutely fantastic with their replicas but the prices are pretty high.... Then there is DH Gate, where I am stuck between 2 sellers (Babyonline and hua_yi_zhang/Denia's Bridal). I plan on spending somewhere around 600-700 regardless. DRUMROL...... The ultimate question is this: Should I buy 3 dresses from DH Gate (1 of them has GOT to be good right???) or a single dress from Jasmine's? Whatcha guys think??? Thanks
  11. I'm considering Babyonline and I'm nervous for you right now. Please PLEASE post pics!
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