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  1. Personally I think the stop one is gorgeous and if that's what you want then go for it. That being said, if I was in your situation and had found one locally that I liked I would probably save the headache and potential hassle and just buy that one. If you don't have a preference and love them both, it would be safer to go with the second one that you've already tried on and know you like instead of chancing it. The second one is more beachy looking as well.
  2. Just an update on my situation with wonderxue.. After going back and forth trying to get a refund I just filed an etsy dispute. I was only asking for a partial refund to be fair but it was becoming such a hassle I just said screw it and filed the dispute. I got a part refund the next day after going back and forth for nearly two weeks and a request to cancel the dispute. So not worth it. After all the trouble its been I almost feel like I should have just demanded a full refund but at the point I can't be added. Anyway, just something to keep in mind if you are considering using wonderxue
  3. The veil I got from wonderxue was actually decent. Its the only thing I'm using from the things I've ordered. It was just a plain ivory elbow length with satin trim. Just keep in mind if you do go with her, as far as I know she does them in ivory so if you want white you might have to discuss that
  4. The veil I got from wonderxue was actually decent. Its the only thing I'm using from the things I've ordered. It was just a plain ivory elbow length with satin trim. Just keep in mind if you do go with her, as far as I know she does them in ivory so if you want white you might have to discuss that
  5. I've got no doubt she could be good but it seems to me she's just rushing now. That's how I feel about my dress from wonderxue, like she just threw it together quickly. Some parts are well made and others are completely shocking. I wouldn't chance it. So many beautiful dresses in this thread from others, it's not worth the potential fail. I'm still trying to sort mine out and get a refund.
  6. Okay I've finally got round to taking some pics of my wonderxue dress and accessories. Here is the disaster that is the jacket thing (I have no idea why but these pictures have uploaded to the site sideways, they are the correct way on my computer. Sorry for that). From a distance it looks okish but because of the way it's made, it's incredibly stiff and itchy. There are about 3-4 layers of netting in some places as it seems she's made the basic shape of it, added a second layer and then glued/stitched the appliques on top of that. Back: Front: As you can see, it's not very well done at all. The edges for the lace is raw and ragged. In some places where it's been trimmed too closely it's been cut and then in most places it looks like this. Not great. Some bits are barely tacked on and again you can see the raw edges all over the top. The seams are also really badly done. Okay so enough of that. I'm sure we can agree it's pretty rubbish. On to the dress itself. While slightly less offensive, it's still not great. You can tell it was a rushed job as things are just tacked on all over. Here you can see the lacing on the back. It's hard to tell in the photo but it's been done in a really flimsy fabric. Again this picture was turned sideways for some reason. This is the only real detail on the dress, when I ordered it I purposely picked something I thought looked fairly simple to minimize the chance of it getting messed up. As you can see the belt is only tacked on with a few stitches. Ofcourse this means it's pulls funny when you put it on. I thought maybe I could just take it off but it's stitched in properly on the back along the laces so I don't think I can. This is potentially fixable at least. This is the top of the bodice where the fabric crosses over, unless it's pulled really tightly it sort of bubbles and you can see where the fabric underneath was sewn. Here's a pic of the dress as a whole. Overall it's made of pretty cheap fabric but I can deal with that, I wasn't expecting something amazing. The main things that bother me are 1) it's not what we agreed on, she was meant to put some tulle underneath to give it a bit of fullness but that's obviously not there and 2) she was meant to send me pictures of the progress which never happened despite me asking MANY times. The dress is clearly rushed what with things being just tacked on but maybe a seamstress can fix it. There are issues with the way the lacing goes at the bottom, there's some kind of flimsy boning down the sides of the lacing that ends before the laces do and it creates a funny bump so it looks like I've got a duck tail. To be honest though, I'm so discouraged with the dress I'm inclined to just try and find a department store dress. As for the jacket.. I don't even know what to say about that, it's just really badly made and not usable at all. Oh and it's a creamy sort of ivory colour.. the dress is stark white. I also ordered a veil because I thought this would be a good way to ensure the colours matched. Getting them made by the same person you would think they would try to make everything in the same colour but no, the veil is also ivory. I don't care so much about this myself as it's not that noticable and I'll only have it on a short time anyway but I know some girls wouldn't be very impressed. So at best I'm on a mission to find a bolero or shrug and potentially a whole new dress of a rack somewhere. Communication at first was great. I sent pictures, she told me what would work and what wouldn't and was very quick to reply. However as soon as I made payment that went out the window. I asked repeatedly for photos as we had agreed that once the dress was made she would send me some pics and we could decide how long the jacket should be. That never happened. I simply got a reply one day saying the dress was in the post and sorry for the delay. I know there are a lot of positive reviews but I really think you'd be better off to go with another seller. I wish I had gone with Weddingdress88 on dhgate as I had originally intended, I only decided to go with wonderxue due to the fact that she responded to my queries and had a lot of positive feedback. The lack of communication is cr*p and the end product isn't that great either. The only thing I can say to Yuan's credit is that she has offered to refund my money for the jacket at least.
  7. Well my dress from Wonderxue came today. I will post some pictures after I'm able to properly try it on but I will say, I'm not happy with it at all at the minute. I ordered everything from Yuan, my veil, cover up and dress. The jacketish thing looked nice at first but upon closer inspection and laying it beside the dress, it's actually a completely different colour. The dress is white as I asked for but the cover up is an ivory colour. It's an off the shoulder lace affair that zips up the back. There are jagged bits all around the lace appliques, when I took it out of the bag it had actually been sewn across the zip on both ends somehow so I had to break those stitches to even under the zip which resulted in beads falling off. I feel mean saying bad things about the work as it fits PERFECTLY but the workmanship itself on the jacket is really bad, I could never wear it. As for the dress, we had agreed there would be some tulle underneath to give it a bit of fullness, there is none. Also it has a belt that's tacked on with about 15 stitches so that's not very impressive but is fixable. I'll post a better description and some pictures of everything tomorrow after I'm able to get the dress on and properly see what it's like in full when it's laced up properly.
  8. This was one of the sellers I was looking at when I ordered, I wish I had gone with them! Beautiful =)
  9. Nothing at all. I sent a message a few weeks ago asking for some progress photos and reminding her of the deadline. About a week later I received a message that says: "sorry for the delay Yes i am on it Dress will be sent out by end of this month Please kindly wait Thanks" I wrote back requesting photos but I haven't heard anything since then. Getting extremely worried. I'd suggest giving a fake date well in advance of your real wedding. When I ordered, Wonderxue only had 4 negative reviews out of hundreds. Looking now, there are two negative reviews in the last week regarding timing. I'm crossing my fingers hoping my dress shows up in time and taking next week off to go shop for a department store dress (bleh) just in case it doesn't. That being said, the overwhelming amount of positive reviews makes me hopeful that it will turn up in time! I'll post pics when it does come and let you know how it goes.
  10. I would say if you're thinking about using Wonderxue then be sure to order early. The date I've told her is April 5th and I've still not got my dress from her or notice that it's been shipped although she has assured me I will receive it this month. I've ordered the dress, veil and a cover up from her so if they don't turn up/there are issues then I will be in a tight place!
  11. I've just ordered a dress from Wonderxue. She seems really helpful and knowledgeable. We'll see how it turns out, will post pics as I get them but I don't expect anything for a while as I've just paid her yesterday. Fingers crossed because if it doesn't turn out, it'll be some kind of department store dress for me cos I won't have enough time to buy anything else. Curse my procrastination >_<
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