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  1. When I was there, which was the last 10 days of November and first week of December, the weather was good about 75% of the time (in terms of wanting to have it as your wedding day 'good' with blue sunny skies and no crazy winds) . Temps were perfect at around 27'-31'. I heard that the weather is more stable but hot in March and April. Have you tried asking a couple photographers from down there?
  2. Yep! Not a fan of the new site at all
  3. We used Samuel Luna this past November and he was AWESOME!!! Replies quickly to emails, great to deal with....and I just love his work! Should take about 2 months to get them back.
  4. I'm at the resort right now and we walked by their booth on the resort and I think they are WAY OVERPRICED for the quality work you get.....in my opinion.
  5. We leave in 14hrs!!!!! I can't believe it's finally here..... So excited ....... and trying not to look at the weather forecast THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE PAST BRIDES WITH YOUR ADVICE......IT HAS HELPED A TON!
  6. We leave in 14hrs!!!!! I can't believe it's finally here..... So excited ....... and trying not to look at the weather forecast THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE PAST BRIDES WITH YOUR ADVICE......IT HAS HELPED A TON!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe The weather has been great so far for us. Hoping for blue skies and no rain Thursday!! So, so good to hear!!!!! We wish you all the best
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 I'm still struggling with a photographer. I am kind of down to 3: Ivan Luckie, Juan Navarro, & Samuel Luna! Does anyone have any recommendations? It is such a huge decision! Did you search under vendor reviews - There is a few reviews on each of them....I think.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 Hi everyone! I am curious as to how pictures will work. My ceremony is at 5:30 and the reception is from 6-9. However, we want couple and family photos. When would we take couple photos if the reception starts right after the ceremony? Has anyone run into this issue. Will they let us not eat dinner until 7 in order to give us time to take photos while the guest are at the reception? Thoughts please!!!!!!! hhhmmm......you might be able to ask the coordinator not to serve the meal until 7pm......we have a cocktail hour so we didn't run into this issue.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LucyLuckyToes Hi All, So most of you seem to be doing what we are doing and getting married before you head down. I'm Irish and we married in March and now my family is asking when are we going to get married in NY as they all want to fly over. How did you let family know that you already did the deed ans they should just enjoy the destination ceremony?? Stressed!!! We just kept stressing to everyone that the wedding is in Cancun in November and that was it - we were not going to have 2 ceremonies......we kinda muttered over that the 'legal paperwork' would be done prior to leaving with our parents only cause we made the mistake of saying that the wedding was symbolic and we don't need witnesses...... but didn't say much more than that.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsWilletteToBe Good to know--thanks! We are going to have about 60 people and some have used our travel agent, but others have not/will not. I guess I will just give them the ones from my travel agent and then attempt to get the others little by little. Also, how strict are they about adding more guests after the rooming list in confirmed? I would think they would welcome the additional business, and that we would just pay the extra at that time, even if it's after we have paid our final invoice, but who knows. We asked that when we paid our final invoice and they said to just let them know. We have had a couple more people added to the group but I will let her know this week. I can let you know how that goes.....but I think it will be fine.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsWilletteToBe So I'm getting a head start on plugging in my confirmed guest into the Rooming List spreadsheet that my WC sent me (it's due 2 months before the wedding, so for me that's in a few weeks) and I noticed that in addition to the guests names, children's ages, and hotel they're staying at, they are also asking for HOTEL CONFIRMATION NUMBERS!! WTF?! Who has time to get confirmation numbers for everyone??! Previous brides, did you absolutely have to have this for the WC to accept your Rooming List?? I find this ridiculous as they can just as easily look for this with the guest's last name. We had a couple confirmations numbers missing when we sent in our rooming list and they just asked us to get back to them, it didn't seem to be a big deal. Since we are having a small wedding it wasn't a huge deal for us BUT I can see with a bigger wedding this would be a real PAIN! Did you use a travel agent? They should have everyone's confirmation numbers if you did.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by monicamb I got married June 5th 2013. My mini video is available to look at on Vimeo under Rafael & Monica Gran Caribe. Who ever is interested. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!!! YOU LOOKED GORGEOUS AND IT LOOKED LIKE YOU BOTH HAD AN AMAZING DAY Was this video done by the hotel?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by macyhickman09 Also, does anyone know how much it cost to get your hair done by them at their salon? Hair at the salon is $70 and makeup is $60 + you get 15% off on your wedding day with some of the wedding packages. If you want trials done, a hair trial is $45 and makeup is the same price, $60 - no discount with the trials. You had also asked me about Samuel Luna. He works for himself and you can contact him directly from his blog for quotes, questions, etc. http://www.samuellunablog.com/ some reviews of his work and services you can find here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/samuel-luna-photography But look around this site is great for reviews on different photographers in the Cancun area. You would need to book a date and time with an outside photographer + pay an outside vendor fee to the hotel ($350). Hope this helps
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