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  1. Hello brides! I finally posted my Review - very long and detailed! Our wedding was this past December 7th at the Tequila Beach, Terrace, and we had around 65 guests. Feel free to email me or private message me if you'd like to know more. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4215 Cecilia
  2. Hello Now Sapphire brides! My husband and I just got back (yesterday!) from our wedding in Now Sapphire. We had 65 people and we chose the Divine Package. I have a lot of comments, recommendations, tips, etc. to share with you all! I promise I will share my review with you as soon as I have it (I know it will be a long one!). For now, there are three things I'd like to recommend: 1) do not worry about the communication issues - The Now Sapphire is basically a Wedding Factory! They have 2-3 weddings every single day! My recommendation is: grab the phone and call Ramon, he is amazing and his English is PERFECT! Just avoid calling him around 12pm or 3 - 5pm Central Time, given that most weddings happen at that time. DO NOT WORRY! You will be in GREAT hands! Ramon is SIMPLY amazing! And my standards are extremely high, given that I am a control freak! 2) DO NOT HIRE THE PHOTOGRAPHER INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE - Yes, with all Caps because I am yelling! After reading all the poor reviews they get, we decided to hire an outside photographer for our official photos, and just use the included photographer for the reception. I am not kidding when I say my 3 year old nephew could have done a much better job. Do not risk it, photos are forever! 3) Also, careful with the make up stylist they have at the Spa - The ladies are very sweet, but she had no idea how to even do the basic cat eye-liner, and I ended up with a horrible eye makeup! No kidding, at least 5mm eyeliner line! - No worries there, I just went to my room and redid the eyeliner. 4) The Tequila Terrace is the BEST place to have your reception - is WAY more private than the Tequila Beach, which is right next to the pool. I have several photos and many many more tips! I promise I will post something more detailed soon! In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reply or send me a private message. Cecilia
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kylat Hi past and future Brides! I'm getting married on January 20th, 2014 and while i know this is in the not too distant future i'm starting to get really frustrated with the response time from Anel and Ramon. I've been their biggest advocate of just give them time to respond because they have so many people they have to deal with on top of doing up to 3 weddings a day. But I have been writing them with the same questions for 2 months now and i'm starting to get a bit pissed off. I've been very patient but have 60 people coming now and need to know things so that i can adjust my budget. So maybe you ladies can help me out! 1) has anyone been waiting this long to hear back from them and has anyone HEARD from them recently? 2) does anyone know how much it is for a kids menu and the age the child needs to qualify for the kids menu? 3) does anyone know the number of guest needed to qualify for the buffet? We want to spend more of our 3 hours dancing than waiting for a plated dinner but need to know whether we need a seating chart because if we qualify for the buffet it will save us the headache of making one up ( divorced families...i don't even want to start thinking of that!) 4) Does anyone know if they have car seats or stollers on the resort that people can use if they want to do a day trip anywhere or do people have to bring their own? On the baby note...does anyone know how people can sterilize bottles while down there? I think thats everything that i can ask to you guys right now that you might be able to help with. I appreciate all the help i can get at this point and i hope they write me back soon!! haha I would suggest calling them directly - it is way faster and more efficient this way. The phone number is 011 (52) (998) 872-8383 Ext. 8223
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsBlaze Since I have not heard from Anel in over 2 months as well, I'm looking for some feedback on what people have done or are doing for a rehearsal dinner or welcome dinner? I've thought about booking at one of the restaurants of doing dinner on the beach but can't decide until I've heard from her on options? Also I'm bringing in my own photographer, do any of you know how much that costs? Thanks!! We are having a small rehersal dinner at "Las Lloronas" area at the Now Sapphire - we will have to pay $25 pp, and it is a set menu. However, I rather do this than having the rehersal dinner at one of the restaurants. If you are bringing your own photographer, and he/she is staying at the Now Sapphire as a guest, there is NO fee you'd have to pay. However, if it is an external vendor, they usually charge you $350, but they tend to make exceptions for photographers, as it is an important part of the ceremony.
  5. Hello lovely brides, I have been trying to find a template for a pre-travel brochure to send to my guests 2 months before our wedding in Now Sapphire - I can't find anything! Anyone out there would be able to share their templates with me? I would really appreciate it! xox Cecilia
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsBlaze I'm having such a hard time deciding on whether or not to go w/the resort's photographers! I feel like I've read both positive and negative things. Anyone have any recent experience w/them??!! Does anyone knoe the name of the company? Thank you!!! I did A LOT of research before choosing our photographer... my blunt recommendation is DO NOT go with the resort's photographers. I have read many reviews about their work being mediocre and sub-pair. I personally rather save money somewhere else, and not on choosing the photographer who will document the most important day of our lives. That's my humble opinion.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Riviera Bride14 Hi Brides, Does any one know the measurements of the round tables and the square tables and about approx how many people each seats? Also has anyone opted to purchase and bring a bose sound system instead of renting the resorts hourly. We will be a small group under 25 ppl and dont need an extreme sound system for dancing or anything, just something to connect a mic to so my guests can hear well enough for speaking and for first dance and background music. Have any past brides used one? Thanks for your time ladies, happy planning!! Here you go, dear! Ramon said these seat 8 - 10 people. I don't know about the square tables though.
  8. Molly, your wedding and you looked beautiful! Can you tell me how much they charge you for the chinese lanterns (hanging in the Tequila Terrace?) I love them! Thanks!
  9. I honestly do not think it's worth it! $250 each! I mean, give me a break! I am from Mexico, but live in NY now, and I know what the prices in pesos are! As a matter of fact, if you look online, some Cancun Flower shops offer beautiful arrangement for around MXN500 (USD$43). It is clear to me the wedding industry takes advantage of the supply/demand and hikes up prices in a ridiculous way. For our wedding, I am making some paper crepe flowers wreath centerpieces and adding a lantern; I will have 8 tables, and in total, I am paying less than $100 for all the centerpieces (each lantern costed me less than $6). It's a lot of work, but I am really loving these!
  10. Hello NSB! Can anyone tell me what's in the kids' menu, please? I'd appreciate it!
  11. Hi Rani, Anel was very specific with me about this: You can definitely offer two entrees to your guests, as long as you give Anel advanced notice and, more importantly, your seating chart and place cards should identify the entree selection of each guest. She suggested color-coding, for example: Vegetarian entress' place cards - Green.
  12. I agree with jzutz002. While it is not cheap to have a wedding for over 25 guests at the Now Sapphire, it is still WAY cheaper than having a wedding in the US or in Canada. I live in NYC, so having a Manhattan wedding would have been completely unnaffordable. Plus, you are getting the peace of mind that the resort will take care of most of the vendors. Originally, our guests number was 35, and now that number has duplicated! Anel has told me the cost per additional person is approx $99 plus taxes. This price includes the standard setting arrangements for the ceremony, cocktail hour, cake and toast. Also, remember you might end up paying an additional $65 per person (wedding pass) for those wedding guests that aren't staying at the Now Sapphire. It adds up, that's for sure! According to my own spreadsheet, for just the basics (ceremony, cocktail and reception) for 70 people, we are hitting 10K. This does not include travel arrangements, centerpieces for the guests tables (which are not included in the Divine package), wedding favors, photographer, or DJ. Oh, we are also having the Mariachi, so that adds 1K to this estimate.
  13. Sorry, I clicked sent too soon! So, about the MEAL SELECTIONS: I emailed Anel and asked her about this. She said the following: "Podemos escoger entre carne y un pescado. Con anticipacion. Tomar en cuenta con identificar gente en las mesas. Nombre y estampita de differente color, verde vegetariano." Now let me translate: "We can choose between beef and fish - with anticipation! Please take into consideration you will have to assign people to specific tables, along with place cards with the guest name and a stamp in different color, for example: Green for vegetarian, etc. I hope this helps!
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