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  1. Hi everyone! I was hoping that someone who has already gotten married at Moon Dance could tell me what food you chose to have for the reception dinner and what you would and would not recommend. We are choosing the menu for our June 21st wedding! Thank you!
  2. Hello all, I know MDC has a spa (Kamala) and I am nervous about using them for wedding day hair and make up since I can't find any reviews or photos anywhere of their work. I am searching for someone who got married there who can share their experience with the spa's hair and make up services. Thanks in advance!
  3. What is everyone planning to do for hair and make up on your wedding day? I know MDC has a spa (Kamala) but I am nervous about using them since I can't find any reviews or photos anywhere of their work. I know I saw earlier in this thread (I THINK it was this thread) that some girls opted to hire a professional make up artist based out of Negril. I did some research and she also does hair. She has a facebook page where you can see all of her work (which looks amazing). I am more comfortable with this since I can actually see her work and I like it. However, I feel bad not using MDC's own spa and employees. I have thick curly hair that is just going to have to be put into an updo since it will be too frizzy in the humidity. I have never liked an updo I've ever gotten (for proms, other weddings I was in) and I am getting especially nervous about using a spa I know nothing about to do an updo for my wedding day. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or what you are planning on doing?
  4. Hi CoER! I am getting married next June 2014 on the cliffs. Congratulations! I was also unsure when deciding between all inclusive and the European plan. I decided that it was worth it to do the all inclusive but I asked Kim for a copy of the menus before I decided. Everything is fairly priced and people rave about the food in reviews. I have never been myself but a friend of mine has and said the food was excellent. I am on vacation and don't have my laptop with me right now but can send you the menus Kim sent me- I have them saved. Or you can email her and request them! Let me know if you would like me to send them when I get back from my trip this weekend.
  5. Thank you Cherina! Alicialo- Kevan's website is JAweddingdj.com and his email is events@jaweddingdj.com
  6. Feeling a little pressure! I feel like they have made everything pretty easy so far though. I am trying to figure out what photographer I want to book. I booked Kevan Stewart "DJ Vaun" from Jamaica Wedding DJ since his prices are more reasonable than the one recommended by Kerry (and he gets great reviews!)
  7. Alicialo, Congrats on booking your date! So exciting!!! I was really freaking out about the heat for a while. Now I have decided that it is going to be hot no matter what and we will just make the best of it! We were also talking about groom's suit and groomsmen attire since jackets and pants will be so hot. We are going to try and have a later ceremony to help with the heat a bit, and the guys will wear light colored suits and can take their jackets off as soon as the ceremony is over. Have you booked any other services yet - DJ, photographer, etc.? We are probably going to book Kevan Stewart from Jamaica Wedding Dj. His prices are the most reasonable and he gets great reviews! I haven't decided on a photographer yet but I have looked at a couple.
  8. @alicialo - I like the save the dates and invitations on weddingpaperdivas.com if you are still looking for a good site!
  9. Hi Everyone! I am really excited because my Fiance and I have decided to get married at Moon Dance Cliffs next June 2014! I have read so many posts on this forum that have helped me choose vendors, know what questions to ask Kim, etc... it really has made everything so much easier. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say congratulations to everyone! It would be great if we can all share ideas, issues, etc. as we plan our weddings at MDC. My only concern right now is the weather in Negril in June - someone told me they went to a wedding there in June and it was so unbearably hot that they were miserable. Unfortunately, I have never been to Jamaica and won't be doing a site visit before the wedding so I won't be able to test it out for myself. Does anyone have any insight on this? Has anyone been there in the summer? Obviously I know it will be hot but I am wondering if heat/humidity will be too much in late June? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  10. I am hoping someone can help me - I am driving myself CRAZY! My fiance and I chose June 21, 2014 to get married in Negril. We haven't send out save the dates yet or anything but that is the date we have discussed with everyone and it is available at the resort we want to book. We wanted to keep our date in the off-season (June - December) to make the hotel cheaper for our guests. Here is my dilemma: Today my fiance calls to tell me that he ran into a family friend who said they went to a wedding in Jamaica in June and that it was a terrible time because it was way too hot. They could not enjoy themselves. They even told him that it was too hot to drink!! Now, I cannot even imagine how it could ever be too hot to drink (I live in Philly and we get some majorly hot and humid summers and I can drink just fine!) So now I have been going crazy googling the weather and people's reviews of Jamaica in June. Am I being crazy? Has anyone been there in late June? I obviously figured it would be hot but now that I hear that a guest said it was literally unbearable, I am having second thoughts and wondering if we should change the date to December. I don't want people to be sitting there miserable, drenched in sweat. I don't really want to be drenched in sweat either. We are planning to have the ceremony a little before sunset, so hopefully he sun would not be beating down... I don't know what to do!!! Does anyone have any advice? Sorry if I sound nuts!
  11. Hi LMC1, Thanks so much for your reply! That would be so helpful. I hope you have an AMAZING time!!! I can't wait to hear all about your special day. Carrie
  12. Hi ladies, I am just starting to do research for my destination wedding in Jamaica. I have been looking through all of the different resorts and a few caught my eye but as soon as I saw Moon Dance Cliffs, I felt like it was the one! I literally read every single post in this thread yesterday on my day off and I cannot believe how many glowing reviews there are of MDC. The other places I was considering were Half Moon Bay and Rock House - but there were some iffy reviews on accommodations and staff. I am in love with MDC and all of the photos everyone has posted! Anyway, I was hoping you may be able to help me with a couple initial questions I have. I already heard back from Kerry and received their prices for amenities, but there are some things I'd like to find out before I go further into researching vendors, planning a possible site visit, etc. 1. All Inclusive v. European plan - I read on the other posts that your guests either have to be 100% AI or no one can be AI. I am trying to work out what is the best thing to do. I know people said some of their guests are not big drinkers/eaters so they did not think it was worth it. Our guests will mostly be big drinkers. I am worried about a couple of things: #1, asking my guests to pay for AI on top of what the rooms cost and #2 if we don't get AI, that bar tabs will be very expensive at Moon Dance. I am wondering if there are some ways to work around doing All Inclusive, especially since the Rehearsal Dinner and Reception would be open bar on us, so that would take care of two nights. I read on someone's posts that they were able to work out a $30 pp all inclusive dinner some nights they were there. Plus, that would leave us open to leaving MDC to go explore a bit and have lunch/dinner elsewhere. On the other hand, $150 per night per person for all inclusive doesn't sound all that bad when you consider you will probably spend at least $75 on your food for the day and then that's another $75 in drinks. I was thinking that if we did do All Inclusive, I would cover the cost of the AI for our guests the day of the wedding/reception, etc. Sorry if this sounds confusing or all over the place, I am just so confused about what would be a better option! 2. Budget - I honestly am not sure how many people will end up coming - I am thinking anywhere between 25-40 people. My main question is, do you think it is realistic to be able to do a Welcome dinner, Rehearsal dinner and Ceremony and Reception at MDC within a budget of $15,000-$20,000? I estimated some things according to the numbers Kerry sent me but I know there can be some extra/hidden costs thrown in that are not apparent until you are halfway through the planning process. I would rather know now if we can't afford a wedding at MDC. Sorry if I sound completely clueless. I am just starting this whole process and just trying to figure things out and what to expect! Thank you in advance for you help! Carrie
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