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  1. Just got back from my wedding on 6/1/13 and we got hit by the tropical storm Andrea. Everything was shifted to the terrace. I had to be transfered to the front terrace by a luggage cart covered in plastic. Everyone has called me the modern day cinderalla. Even though the tropical storm flooded the hotel, trees were bending to the ground, power was going out, one guest got stuck in an elevator .......and nothing went according to plan we had the best time. My guests (the small amount that there were) said it was the best wedding they had ever been too because it was something they had never experienced.... I'll say!! I guess we just got a lot of luck since it rained so hard & all.. The one disapointing thing was the dinner. We were originally supposed to have a private dinner in the Oceana but ended up being stuck in the front of the Italain resturant with crying babies. Boy, I was sooooo dissapointed but still made the best out of it. If I could give you guys one piece of advice here it is: Make sure you print all of your email communications with the wedding coordinator because they will not heistate to change it on you at the last minute. If you are a smaller wedding (mine was a total of 8) just keep in mind you will be at the bottom of the totum pole. You also have the option to request the presidential suite for the day of your wedding to get ready. They didn't tell me this but another staff member did. Of course, with a small budget wedding (and 4 other weddings that day) we did not get it.
  2. Good luck with getting in contact with them. I leave in 27 days and still havent confirmed anything. My coordinator is Georgina. Anyone else have any experience with her?
  3. Nice how was the seaside grill. I am thinking of have my recpetion there on June 1 2013. My coordinator is Georgina..... I am leaving in 27 days and still havent talked to her. The manager ended up calling me a apologized.
  4. I have been searching for months to find a reception location in the Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, Dallas, Caterville area who doesn't consider this to be an actual "wedding reception". Most places are charging 3 - 5 k just to walk in the door. I am looking for a place who is flexible. We are having a stock the bar party this weekend so we are planning on providing our own alcohol. I have a friend who owns Capo's in Acworth who could help me cater and I already know someone who takes wedding photos for the low low. JUST NEED A cool place like a barn or lake that can set the seen. I mean we did choose a destination wedding thinking it would be cheap..... it definatley is NOT cheap what so ever. We are getting married in 30 days exactley at Dreams Riveria Cancun. They seem to nickel and dime you.... We are already in the whole almost 10 G's. If anyone knows of any suggestions please let me know.....
  5. Kim and Josh (kimdillon) June 1 2013 Dreams Riveria
  6. Thanks Lyman!!! I appreciate the feedback:)
  7. I am getting married in June 1 2013. Any pointers??? What should I pack.. I havent even started planning yet should I be worried?
  8. Kim and Josh - June 1st, 2013 - Dreams Riveria Cancun
  9. I am getting married at Dreams on June 1st 2013. What should I pack and bring with me???
  10. Hello, I am looking for any helpful feedback from previous Dreams Riveria Brides.Does anyone have a list of items you "must bring" with you? Or anything you didn't think about until once you arrived? Are they flexible with the rates that are posted on their website. I am a very frugal bride and am trying to the best bang for my buck. For the reception dinner are they really going to try and charge pp if you try and book a group at one of the resturants even though its an "all - inclusive" resort? Any feedback is appreciated. I am starting to panic a little.
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