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  1. Anyone having trouble with the room night benefits? I was under the impression that is was 25 rooms or 75 total room nights to get unlimited events. Now they are saying single people staying in a room, their room nights don't count towards this. We are getting really upset by this because our guests paid alot to come to our wedding and we are paying alot. We feel this is very sneaky MP! Shame!
  2. Hello ladies, Has anyone thought about hair and makeup? I was thinking of going to a salon offsite from the hotel since I'm hearing they charge a vendor fee. Anyone have any feedback on this?? Thank you!!
  3. MrsG2B...I am having the ceremony at 4pm. How about you? Found a photographer, picked colors, have a DJ, and a couple other things here and there. How has planning been for you? Is there any issues you have been having? My fiance and I went for a site visit the middle of July and we are even more excited. I can't believe we have less then 9 months!! Time is flying. :-)
  4. MrsG2B...Awesome Date. I am getting married at MP on the same day :-)
  5. Hi Ladies, I am getting married May 9th, 2014 at the Moon Palace. Has anyone looked into Hair/makeup? I'm hearing mixed reviews about the salons there. I wanted to hire an outside vendor for this by my TA is saying there is a $500 outside vendor fee. Ridiculous!!!