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  1. are you needing information about RIU PALACE MEXICO? if so, p.m. me and I will send you what I have. I'm getting married there in a month so I have a lot.
  2. Elissa I'm super excited to see your pics... April 2nd is just around the corner. Thanks for outlining the song needs, I was just thinking about that this weekend. Does anyone know a way to shorten songs up? I really have my heart set on one song for me to walk down the aisle with but it is almost 3 minutes. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was feeling the same way. I realized that Fernanda doesn't work Sunday and Monday, so you won't get responses from Thursday's questions until Tuesday.
  4. Maggiemay Thanks for sharing this. Are you working with Dolores for your sound system rental or someone else from the hotel?
  5. Congrats mellyb81! I would love to see your wedding pictures. Fernanda just clarified that the gazebo isn't part of the package, so I'd be interested in seeing what your ceremony looked like. Thank you in advance.
  6. I got really excited today when Fernanda finally sent me a picture of their garden location and the restuarant set up. The wedding took place last weekend, so I feel a lot more comfortable. I was really worried since there havent' been any pictures of recent weddings post renovations. Though I'd share in case anyone was wondering.
  7. I saw that you can order fabric swatches for $3. I think that is what I will do before ordering a suit.
  8. I'm also getting married at the RIU Palace Mexico, can you send me the pricing you received? Thanks
  9. I don't mind the renovations inside but I'm wondering about the courtyard. I was really looking forward to taking pictures with their landscaping. Does anyone have suggestions for an affordable photographers? Did everyone get 2013 pricing? It is now up on their website.
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