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  1. Matt, There were many real moments, I agree. However, as I mentioned in my review, there was not one of the bride, by herself, fully dressed, where you can see her head to toe, with her face. This limitation does not just apply to a formal picture, but there is literally not one at all, including a "real moment" except for the one in font of the window, which is a side shot where my face is half hidden. Not a single one. My parents, my mother-in-law, grandparents, have all asked me for a framed photo of the bride, and I do not have one to give. For other brides out there, I have recently been to two other destination weddings in Mexico where Sasha Gluck and Moments that Matter were the photographers, and the pictures were INCRDIBLE and cost about 1/3 of what Del Sol charges. It is now 18 months after my wedding, and each time I go to another wedding, I get infuriated thinking of the money wasted on Del Sol and how I have no pictures of myself as a bride on my wedding day.
  2. I wrote a full review but in case you all do not check the resort reviews, I'm happy to provide any insight on wedding planning. I actually felt bad giving the resort such a low review (especially compared to previous brides who raved about it)--like I was high maintenance brat or something, but I had a very identical experience to MayFlowers2014 (I got married May 8, 2014--so we were probably there at the same time). My issue was not so much with the "hiccups" that occur, but with how the management handles it. The service was genuinely horrible. Also, in my review I stated that no one got sick--apparently my guests were just being nice because they could see how stressed out I was about all of the other things going wrong. About half of my 54 person group got sick (a lot of them when they would not come out at night told me they were tired and those who missed daytime activities told me they had too much sun...in fact, they were all sick to their stomachs and unable to be more than 10 feet from a bathroom but didn't want me to know)...six of my people had to get antibiotics upon returning to the US. I had the same issue with overbooking and the NOW Jade asking guests to go to the NOW Sapphire, as well as having the bride and groom be moved several times, despite paying for an oceanfront (and receiving double beds). About 20 of my guests did not get what they paid for (including the bride and groom), and management made it clear that you pay for "room requests" not "reservations"...basically they don't guarantee anything so they don't have to comp you a dime.
  3. Follow-Up: I just re-read my review and noticed that I put "fun DJ"...I meant to say "fun music," which I picked out. The resort DJ was ok, and as I said he mostly played what was on my list, but in addition to playing the same type of music in a row (rap for 30 min, on to oldies for 30 minutes, then fun 80s for 30 minutes, etc.), he also played the same artist in a row. For example, on my "must play" list I had Jailhouse Rock by Elvis (somewhere during their 39 year marriage, my parents have made up a little dance to this song which is always a hit at parties). Anyway, that was the only Elvis song on my entire list...and I did not list "Elvis" under the catch-all category of favorite genre or artist or anything like that. For reasons I still don't understand, the DJ played four Elvis songs in a row (and he may have went to 10 had I not stopped him). It started with Jailhouse Rock, then went on to Blue Suede Shoes, then Hound Dog, then once it hit "Your Teddy Bear," I literally started to freak a bit and sent my brother-in-law to the DJ table to change it. And, no, it wasn't a compilation one minute of each song combined into a mix...it was the full, long version of each song...like 10 minutes of straight Elvis...to the point of weird, like I was some crazed Elvis groupie. I'm laughing as I type this because it was so absurd but the night of I found it anything but funny. Another example, though, of being very specific with the music you want played and how to play it.
  4. I did not add extra appetizers, and I think it was perfectly fine. No one said "Man, your apps during the cocktail hour sure went fast" or anything to that effect. It is an all-inclusive with a buffet right next door if anyone is starving, plus they were all getting dinner an hour. I was very happy I did not splurge for extra appetizers. As for the champagne toast, I did add extra champage and wished I wouldn't have. During my meeting I informed Ariadna that immediately after the ceremony, I wanted everyone to get their champagne for the champagne toast and head to the beach for a group shot with champagne. Well after the ceremony, Ariadna was nowhere to be found, people started to sprawl to the bathroom, lobby to cool off for a minute, etc. because no one (i.e. my wedding coordinator) was there to herd them to the beach. Because I didn't want to waste time, the bridal party headed to the beach for pictures while I had a few close friends try to gather everyone for the group shot on the beach...they all eventually made it to the beach but by that time everyone drank their champagne or declined it so there was no toast. It all felt very unorganized. Knowing what I know now, unless you plan on doing the champagne toast during the reception and having it formally served to each guest, I do not recommend adding it. If you do it at the cocktail hour (and your cocktail hour is at or near a bar), then you can have the 25 glasses of champagne on a table for people to pick up and then ask your bartender (if at Mix Bar will probably be Darius who is awesome) to have X number of extra champagne glasses full and ready. He'd do it in a heartbeat. I mean, you can get champagne for free at the bar so if you're at a bar during your cocktail hour and that is when you plan to do your toast, why pay for it?
  5. I just reviewed MVP and will do the same for Del Sol when I get pics back. Yeah, I don't want to scare any of you because it was not terrible or anything, but I will say I was disappointed:( I was sooo optimistic going into it because many of the brides on here seemed so consumed with trivial matters, like whether to put a ribbon around a vase or not, and all of the reviews for the Now Jade weddings were so positive and glowing that I just knew I was going to love it all. I had such a good experience pre-departure because Ariadna answered all of my questions so timely and Amstar was great at communication and I had a great turnout, etc. that I was DYING to get down there, have the time of my life and write awesome reviews on here and TripAdvisor to just try convince everyone t go to Now Jade and to ease the minds of other brides because I relied on reviews so heavily. It actually hurt me to not get to write a rave review. BUT, it seems each experience is different. Some brides said lobster bisque was gross--mine was amazing (and I consider myself to be somewhat of a soup snob)...same with the ahi tuna--every guest said it was the best they ever had in their lives. In fact, non-fish eating guests ate the ahi thinking it was a rare beef and found out that love ahi tuna haha...other brides were disappointed by their cake and flowers--my flowers were IDENTICAL to the pictures and the cake looked great (can't attest to the taste haha)) so hopefully you all have better luck than I did! Side note: My weather forecast up until the day I departed said rain Every. Single. Day. I was seriously in a panic--and the forecast wasn't calling for like 10% or 20%, it was calling for 40-50% rain. I seriously lost sleep over it even though logically I knew there was nothing I could do about it. My weather? Beautiful the entire week. Seriously, couldn't have asked for better weather. It rained like 20 minutes the day we got there and was barely a cloud in the sky for the rest of the week so try not to worry about weather:)
  6. Great! This makes me so excited!! Some of the reviews make the place sound so secluded and boring, but now that I think of it, that may have been people traveling as a couple of two people. I can't believe how soon we'll all be there!
  7. That is super helpful and makes me feel so much, better! Thank you:)
  8. Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lori and I'm getting married at the Now Jade on May 8, 2014 (Eek! So soon!!). I read this forum often, but I'm such a procrastinator that it started giving me heart palpitations because brides getting married a year after me were so much further in their planning that I was haha. I am now all caught up and was hoping to hear from some of the brides who will be there from May 3rd-10th. I have a group of 53 people joining me. The majority of the group is in their 30s. My biggest concern about the Now Jade from the inception of booking was the lack of liveliness during the day (that was not catered towards families and children) as well as the lack of nightlife. My group is no by means looking for a Spring Break in Cancun atmosphere, but can certainly be a fun and boisterous crowd. I'm sure between 50 of us, we'll be able to create our own fun, but would love to hear from previous brides regarding the atmosphere at the main pool during the day and the sports bar/disco at night or brides or brides who will be down there with me with a similar concern. I would just hate for my guests to pay all of this money to be kind of bored (but nonetheless bored in paradise!). While the TripAdvisor reviews all speak to the activities at the main pool, none really talk about music playing or fun at the pool bar or the dancing at night or anything.
  9. This is a review of:

    NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

    May 8th Wedding at Now Jade

    Pros: Beautiful grounds, fun entertainment, great food/drink service
    Cons: Other than waiters and bartenders, awful customer service
    I just returned from hosting a wedding of 54 guests at the Now Jade, with the ceremony at the Pergola, the cocktail hour at the Mix Bar, and the reception at the Bamboo Room. I had a blast because I was surrounded by my closest family and friends; however, there were many issues caused by the resort that kept my wedding week from being a stress-free dream. None of which, however, were directly related to my wedding day so if you're having your wedding here--do not worry: it will be beautiful. I
  10. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    Wish I Liked Them More....

    I'm writing this after reading Panamonvie's review. I hired Del Sol for my wedding in May 2014. I received my pictures around July and was so upset with them that I just looked at them again for the second time last week.  I have yet to share them any with anyone. I didn't write a review because I didn't want to be the outlier who didn't love their photography--I figured it was just me so no need to comment, but knowing there was another disappointed bride, disapointed for all the same reasons,
  11. This is a review of:

    MVP Hair and Makeup Artistry

    Book Them--NOW!

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Not a con--but note that the day of they only accept cash
    I feel like I'm just repeating all of the comments below, but they are all so true!! From start to finish, MVP was extremely professional to work with, and, more importantly, amazing at what they do. I have never had my makeup done, but I knew that I should on my wedding day "for pictures." I was still very hesitant because I like the way I do my own makeup and was terrified that a makeup artist would make me look a prostitute or some other overly made-up version of myself. My other fear was on
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