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  1. could you also tell us what the liquor is like at Walmart and Mega? For example, champage and grey goose? :-)
  2. Great to hear you are having a wonderful time. Have an incredible wedding!!!! So happy for you. Congratulations!
  3. When you find a dress that makes you good and feel good, it is totally worth it. I want my dress to be under $200, but if I find a dress that makes me look a lot thinner than I am, I would shell out a lot more. Nothing wrong with looking your best on your wedding! Everyone in my party doesn't care about decorations and all that nice stuff. I figure everyone will be looking at the beautiful surroundings and not at the bowless chairs. LOL! Let's hope! I'm doing the standard 3 course dinner.. I hope we get 20 people, than I get into the Italian restaurant. For loot bags, I have anti bacteria gels, glow sticks, money conversion chart and english to spanish translation list, advil, tums, maybe some shower gels from Skoah, that sort of stuff. I might buy some champagne down there and put that in it too. I plan to have people over at our suite and I'll stock up on top liquor stuff, as i hear the resort provides the cheapest stuff. The only thing I'm not cheap about is my alcohol. Not worth the headache and I hate the taste of cheap booze. We are having a symbolic ceremony. I will write something... keep puttting that off. It will be sappy and personal.
  4. We also booked ocean view in hopes of getting an upgrade to ocean front. Our WC Sally Leon said it was likely but has not yet confirmed. Our reception is at Albatros, but I wanted it at the Italian restaurant. If our numbers are small, then maybe this will happen? We are having cocktails after the reception at 4:00pm at the gazebo. No decoration or anything, we are pretty laid back bunch. Even my dress will be plain - I'm opting for a bridesmaid's dress, something simple, one arm and sleek. My wedding is pretty much a bridezilla's nightmare, but its what we wanted to do. I am doing welcome loot bags, and those will be fun and unique and useful. What about you? Also, thanks Billandstina for posting more information. Have a great time and congratulations!!!
  5. I've seen pictures at the North Beach ceremony. Just stunning. You made the right choice to have the wedding on the beach. I think the sandbag problem is near the front of the hotel property or once you get in... I don't think it will show in your pictures. My friend just back from the Gran Porto and she said the regular rooms were dark and dingy, but the junior suite rooms were nice. It would be nice if other brides who have just had a wedding would post more pictures! I'll ask her about the sandbags and such.
  6. My wedding is at the gazebo. I picked it because it seem like a pretty spot, but now I hear the best place to get married is on the beach. I haven't heard anything negative about getting married at the beach location, so don't worry. The complaints about the resort... well, that has me worried. About rooms paid for that are not ready for a day or two, or booking a nice oceanview room only to have it at a less than ideal spot (too loud, etc.). Food not being any good. Sandbags on the beach. I never saw so many complaints before I booked and boom - after we paid it seem that the negative reviews have gone up. I don't want to ask my guests to stay at an unsatisfactory resort, particularly as they are paying the premium price (no one is waiting for a 'deal'). Now I wish I booked at the Royal, but no kids are allowed there... Oh well. I guess we will see.
  7. Has anyone noticed the negative reviews on tripadvisor? When I first checked out the hotel, there were few. It seems like a lot of people are complaining now... Hope the resort isn't going downhill...
  8. $50 dollars! Got it for my bridesmaid - beyond the rack
  9. Check out the dresses I bought for my bridesmaid. Beyond the rack. $50 dollars each. $10 for delivery.
  10. Same boat.. I'm just going to order what all the other brides have recommended. I'm getting married on Dec 10! Maybe I'll see ya there! :-)
  11. Noir does look to be the better deal. Fortune Nails costs the same - $75. Also at Noir, refills are only $35, plus they remove your extensions for no fee, meaning if you want to stop wearing them, they will take it out at no charge. Good to know! What a useful thread..
  12. Fortune Nails in the Beltline District - see Angela the owner. Gorgeous work...
  13. Fortune Nails in the Beltline District - see Angela the owner. Gorgeous work...
  14. So far, my wedding coordinator, Sally Leon from Gran Porto has been great. She just contacted me and said I do qualify for a room upgrade. My wedding is 8 months away, and I think I'm in good shape! So far, easy peasy! :-)
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