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  1. Hi Jali, It seems like Susana is having a difficult pregnancy. I completely understand that brides need questions answered for budgeting, vision, and shopping purposes but things do come together in the end. FYI: they have an IKEA store about 15 minutes (by car) from the hotel. I'm assuming they carry the same vases and candles that they have is US. Also, Christmas Tree Shop has 50% off summer clearance - starfish, reefs, sand dollars, frames, etc.
  2. I rented the music equipment and played music from IPhone. My brother-in-law handled playlist. The 3 hours do go by quickly and we tried to enjoy every moment. I don't regret my decision. We almost considered getting a dance floor but didn't. Again, another decision I don't regret. The reception is on beach near a hut which had some concrete in front of the bar. Some of my guests liked the sand while others, especially "salseros", preferred the concrete floor. My hair and makeup was included with Strawberry Package. They have a book and pages with style ideas that you could choose from. She even had some of the pages of hairstyles that I liked from Pinterest...so they are up-to-date. I brought my own makeup but also used some from the Spa. They don't have a huge selection for eyeshadows. It looked like a 12 color palette from Sephora. I did give Maritza a tip...I was very pleased with my look! My sister has a good close-up. I'll get it from her and post
  3. Thanks Jali! I bubble wrapped the lanterns and packed them in a duffel bag, which was my husband's carry on. I carried my dress in a garment bag. We didn't have any problems in customs. I packed the candles, frames, shells, starfishes, and sand ceremony kit in a luggage which was checked in. Sadly, the glass on one of my frames broke but it wasn't bad. The worst was when I realized that the main piece for the Sand Ceremony shattered. I ended up using the smaller pieces instead. Be very careful how you package each item if you're considering shipping it over. Susana did mention that a few brides have shipped materials over and they always arrive to the "Bodas" office. It's not a big office and I didn't see any closets, so not sure where exactly they would store your goodies. I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask more questions.
  4. Thank you! I was at the hotel for 8 days. There was at least one wedding per day, except Sunday of course. There were 3 weddings on Saturday and at least 2 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday. These ladies work around the clock. I still had some questions for Susana when we met, but by the end of meeting everything was answered. I'm a visual person and they had files of photos for almost everything. Even throughout the wedding day, Susana will guide everyone so YOU have nothing to worry about.
  5. Hi ladies! I just returned from my ceremony at BBPD. My husband and I were renewing our vows (10th Anniversary)! Everything was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I had the Strawberry Package and 35 guests. My ceremony and reception were both on the beach. Our WC was Susana and she did an amazing job! Very knowledgable and professional. We arrived on Wednesday and asked for our upgrade. Receptionist told me that I would get it AFTER the wedding and I told her that wasn't acceptable and that I know that's not how things work. I spoke to a second person and received my upgrade. Afterwards, asked for Susana and had our meeting. Meeting was detailed and she offered some great suggestions....so thankful for her! I unpacked goodies and explained my ideas to her. I brought lanterns, shells, and candles as centerpieces. Then,we met with photographer from Tropical Pictures and completed a checklist of photo ideas that we wanted. I know their prices are steep but the quality of their work is phenomenal!!! Malena was our photographer--- 5 stars for her! She did take extra pics and they charge $12 per picture (smaller sizes) either print or put on a CD. Let's just say, I wanted them all but couldn't afford it. Hair and makeup at the Spa. My sisters, my daughters and me got ready in the Bridal Suite. Maritza Corporan hooked me up. I have long, thick hair and wanted an undo. I was concerned about it staying up all night, and it did! My face was a little sunburned so we were playing with makeup and I felt flawless. I got the natural look that I asked for....very happy bride! Reception was on the beach on the "adults only" side. The view was breath-taking. The wait staff was super friendly. They created a cocktail called "Blue Sky" that matched my wedding color. It was refreshing and smooth. Our menu consisted of caprese salad, pesto marinated chicken with vegetables, and crema brulee. EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS AND GOOD PORTIONS! The day went smoothly but it does go by quickly, so enjoy every moment ladies! Overall, it's a great hotel. Beautiful grounds, beach, pool, and the most complete buffet I've ever seen. However, I was a little disappointed with the unfair treatment that I noticed in the hotel.....NOT wedding office or service staff. I will try to post some pics soon. Happy planning brides! Relax because it will all work out on your special day.
  6. Hi ladies, For those of you who have spoken with Susana on the phone can you please share her number. I've tried calling the hotel and asking to be transferred but I'm never successful. I would appreciate it. TRivera: your pics are sooooo beautiful. I'm SUPER excited after seeing your pictures. Your son is gorgeous, you should put him in modeling. Natalie: I wish you all the best. Safe travels and enjoy!
  7. Thanks T! If you're looking to sell those fishing bowls please let me know. I live in Rockland county so we're not too far.
  8. TRivera, Congrats!!! You were such a beautiful bride! Looks like you guys had a blast except for your son's boo-boo! Thanks for the review. I was also hoping for the upgrade to the premium room, but I guess that isn't going to happen...thanks for the heads up. I had some questions but Natalieblev already asked most of them, however I had a couple more: 1. Did you check out the kids club at all? I keep hearing about a $10 for a "water park" do you know anything about that? 2. Did you get to check out the disco at all? 3. Did they charge you extra for the group dinner at Japanese restuarant? 4. Where did you get those bowls for centerpieces? 5. Do you happen to have Marlene's email address? They should've sent something out to brides to keep us informed! Thanks again, Katty
  9. Hi Parrish, Thanks for the great review and pictures. I'm also having a beach reception and was wondering about the weather. How was the weather during the reception? Also, I'm thinking about bringing some candles but not sure if it'll be too windy and turn them off. Lastly, did you notice any people hanging out by your party? What part of the beach (building numbers) is reception set-up? Thanks
  10. Hi ladies, I have the Strawberry Passion package. Does anyone know if the huppa is included in this package? If not, does anyone have prices for huppa? Thanks
  11. Woohooo!!! Hope everything turns out to be great! Now, just pack your bags and try to relax. Best of luck, Katty
  12. Thank you so much Tamara. I emailed her a couple of days to go but it still takes her about a week to respond. She responded quickly to you so I wouldn't say that you're on her shit list....lol
  13. You look absolutely stunning! Congratulations! How long did you meet with your WC? Do you know if they allow children in Club Premium rooms? Did you bring any decor for your cake and cake table? Or did the hotel provide the cake holder, etc? Thanks in advance for your help.
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