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  1. Hey Missroxy how did the appointment go? Did you find your dress? I ended up buying one at the second store I went too, Dominique Levesque, have you hear of her? I can post a pic on here if you guys want!
  2. Ahhh sounds great an hour and a half makes much more sense!!!!!!! ZoeyJane25 that dress is so pretty! I like it alot. I am also looking for something similar !
  3. We were 6 with my friend when we shopped for our dresses...I don't think there's a limit! And they didn't tell me...I am guessing at least 30 minutes but most likely 1 hour!
  4. I have an appointment at the one in Ottawa on Feb 5! How exciting!!!! I don't know about the selection though...I've been to the one in Ottawa but to shop for my maid of honor dress for a friend's wedding, and they seemed to have a lot...it's bigger than most bridal stores cause it's not the boutique type!
  5. I don't think it's too early to send the actual invite if you have all the info! People will surely appreciate the extra time to pay for their trip. We are sending our save the dates next week...we don't have all the info yet for flights, etc....still working on that! But, a lot of our family and friends already know the dates and have started budgetting accordingly. I am thinking our actual invites will go out 6 months before. Also, we have a website that we'll include on our save the date for people to be aware of all the developments!
  6. Oooohh never been to Mexico...Will one day but not right at this time since lots has happened in the last few years that have made me nervous but I know it is beautiful -- everyone who goes says so! I think that's a great idea about the cocktail only! I always said if I were to do a wedding here, I'd only do cocktail cause I am not a fan of a too formal affair (for my day). We'll do a dinner but I really expect only a few people, maybe 20? I know they have lots to chose from and rent but they let you bring your stuff....it's expensive to rent their stuff so I'm planning on doing a bit of DIY....I'd love to see what she does!!! My fiance has been at the Now in DR 6-7 years ago and liked it too!!! (he went with his ex when it wasn't owned by Now thus why we aren't getting married there lol). Now I'm excited for your trip down there I bet it'll be so much fun!
  7. Ya dieting isn't my strong suit, I love food....I prefer working out but haven't had much time lately cause I have a 9 month old! Nbatement I love both of those dresses!!! And 60 pounds...wow! I am impressed. Missroxy I'm also aiming at 20-25 ! We should share tips, recipes, workout ideas, and such on this thread!!!
  8. Thanks so much! I think the two (dreams palm beach and punta cana) are beside another...I may be wrong, just an impression I got though!!! Let me know how the wedding is and if there are any tips the bride recommends from a Dreams resort ! Where are you getting married in Mexico!?
  9. Haha oh SO not the only one. Pretty sure people who don't need to lose weight want to anyways for their wedding! I love the hot pinl...I hadn't head that about the 3 colors....doesn't white count as one? Especially when getting married down south where a lot of the decorations (like on gazebos and chairs) is white. Hummmm...I'll have to think about it some more for sure! Hope you find the right dress for your sister! You should so try some on...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to resist should I be in a bridal store...haha!!!
  10. Hi ladies! I am planning on being an October bride if everything goes as planned. Still awaiting on some quotes from my travel agent as well as the resort we're wanting to go to! I'm in Ottawa and we're planning to be married at the Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Cana, most likely October 12, 2013! Still haven't gone dress shopping...I'm hoping to lose a couple pounds (I'll just be honest), and I'm thinking of having either aqua blue or hot pink as my colors...still no sure! Looking forward to knowing you ladies as our special day approaches !
  11. Hey! I'm Chantale and am a new Canadian Bride to be! Got engaged on Xmas eve and we're planning a wedding in October 2013, in the Dominican Republic. Looking at either Dreams Palm Beach or Majestic Colonial! Any of you guys been there or have recommendations/advice!? Looking forward to knowing everyone better! And congrats to all the newly engaged women out there !
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