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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MelB2012 I'm not getting married at EPM, but my FH and I will be going there 2 days after our wedding in Jamaica. We wanted some time away from the family, as we are spending our entire week in Jamaica with friends and fam. This resort has all the luxuries we wanted, as well as being adults only - so we booked. We'll be there November 17-24th. The weddings here look lovely too, but we couldn't convince all the family to come to Mexico... I'm sure I'm not the only bride who encountered some skeptics. Aw man! I'll be leaving the day before you arrive! We are having a smaller wedding with about 12-14 people. We also got the two story suite with the private pool on the deck. I figured if we wanted some alone time, we could just go to our second story!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Nettie0804 Music is provided but you can bring your own on your iPod Also to note, if you want your own music during the reception there is a $350 charge I found out about, to use their iPod hook up system (which seems extremely high) I guess you get a microphone too with it. I think we are just bringing an iPod docking station with good speakers.
  3. Thanks! Actually, ten minutes before you posted this - Llenny got back to me! Ha funny. Anyways - I'm having a symbolic wedding as well. I'm going to take a look at the script but change it up to something we want. I'm not sure we are even going to have Roxana do it - we want our friend who does this in the states to maybe conduct the ceremony.
  4. Hi All! I'm wondering if anyone has the marriage script for the wedding? I'm curious to see how I can edit it but I don't have a copy! I emailed Lleny but it takes a few days to hear back. Thanks!
  5. Hi All! Does anyone have the copy of the script they use for the ceremony? I do have an email in with Lleny but you know it can take a few days for her to get back to you. I figured I'd ask here.
  6. Hey Ladies! Wedding is 3.5 months away so I'm trying to prepare now the best I can. For those of you that shipped your dress, how far out did you send it? I'm not sure if I should do it a month before or a few weeks before? I want to travel with as little as possible. Plus I'm not sure how packing a huge wedding dress would work for the plane! Ha. Also, when did you start chatting with the spa for appointments? Thanks!
  7. Ooh! Your big day is coming up in less than a month! How do you get a hold of the spa or is that something you talk to your coordinator about later? Just wondering how they see your hair style whether it's the day of or ahead of time.
  8. What's the best way to get your dress there? I see different responses about whether to bring it with you or ship it a head of time. Also, my wedding isn't until November 11th but when do you plan the details about the reception with Llenny? We picked out the flowers, center pieces, and menu then she said that was it for now. Thanks!
  9. We went back and forth on this too. We ended up spending the extra money to get more of a private feel instead of getting stuck in a restaurant with other people. I wanted to put on my own music and be able to have a little more privacy. Plus I just read if you have 20 people you have no choice. I think I'll be around 20. If our wedding was under 10 people then I would have chosen the restaurant option and not spent the extra money. PS- I wrote a month ago how slow the emails were. I was switched to Llenny and she's awesome!
  10. We are doing the gazebo. I like the beach but from some photos, I see random people walking by. We want it more private and love the gazebo look.
  11. Hey Ladies! Wedding is set for Nov 13th 2013! Less than 9 months away. I can't wait to start planning but the wedding coordinator takes awhile to get back. I'm glad it's not just me.
  12. I actually thought about not using a TA but I thought I'd get a quote anyways because it didn't work. I just started to work with Wright Travel Agency and their prices are outstanding! Way better than what I could have done on my own. I also am booking 5+ rooms though. It doesn't hurt to at least give it a shot to see what they would say. I am in hopes that it will eliminate some of the stress for organizing the trips with my guests. We'll see!
  13. We actually decided this morning that we are going to stick with Wright Travel Agency. I'm working with Babs and she's awesome! I honestly couldn't imagine working with someone so nice. Just put in a request for our wedding to be Nov 11, 2013. Hopefully we get it. Anyone else having a November 2013 wedding? I ended up asking Babs the questions I had above regarding the next step. Just waiting to hear back. Although if anyone has any input, it would be appreciated. Very excited!
  14. Hey Ladies! New to this site too. We are planning our wedding for November 2013! I just started to dig into everything and I don't mean to sound dumb but I have a few questions.. I recently got into contact with two travel agents and they will be looking at pricing. When do you actually work with people at the resort to pick out details? Should I be calling someone there or is that the agent's job? I'm getting kind of anxious because I want to get the ball rolling and start picking out details. Any advice on how the steps should go would be greatly appreciated!
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