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  1. Click on your username at the top right hand corner, then click on My Gallery, click Upload and add photos to an album. Then when you write posts, click on the image icon and add photos that way. It'll just come up as a link when you're writing but when you post it'll be a photo. I hope that helps.
  2. Hi Karijean, We didn't use Beach Wedding Studios for our wedding because we already had our photographers for 8 hours. We didn't use them for our welcome dinner but that's an option a lot of past brides have used. We ended up winning a photo session with them later on in the week and used it for honeymoon photos. That could be another option if you asked them about that. You can take a trip to Playa del Carmen (or Cancun) and buy maracas at any of the stores along their touristy strips for $1 or $2 a piece. They have trips everyday from the resort to PdC or you can take a cab. Ask th
  3. Hi Karen, We gave Gloria a tip, as she was awesome and did a lot to organize it all for us. We also gave tips to the bartenders, servers (I asked Gloria ahead of time how many we would have) and the cooks. I read some articles about tipping at weddings to determine the amount. Hope that helps I don't think they've waived the outside photographer fee for anyone for awhile, so I don't think it has to do with your photographer. We had two choices of entrees at our reception and this was fine as long as we had everyone's choices at least a month ahead of time (name with choice) an
  4. Not a problem, happy to help. Yes, you set up your own hair/make up reservations with the spa. There's a contact form on that section of the website and they will email you back with confirmation. I think you just need your booking confirmation number if you want it put on your room tab and maybe your wedding confirmation number from Gloria. Hi Karijean, You're not able to make restaurant reservations. I'm pretty sure they do that so that the restaurant seating flows more smoothly, otherwise you would have a longer wait to get a table because a bunch of them would be sitting
  5. Karen, Your schedule looks great and like a lot of fun (love the emphasis on cocktails). The only thing I'd consider if I were you is the night time entertainment. They put on a different show every night, they're a lot of fun and lots of people loved going to them. Our whole crew, didn't matter what age wanted to go to it almost every night and I believe it runs from 9-10:30. The stage is right by Cafe Kafe and Stars bar, so it's easy to meet up with people right afterwards. If you do want to see the shows, your 8:30pm dinners would cause you to miss the start of them, assuming at least 1
  6. I'll definitely have a look at your schedule. It's always helpful to run it by a couple of people. It sounds like you girls are doing great! You will be so happy having your wedding there. We have the best memories. Wish I could go back!
  7. Hi KariJean, I believe we had a ceremony centerpiece and a reception centerpiece. Yes, they can move the ceremony one to your reception after the ceremony is over. We had 5 round tables, so we had one centerpiece on one of the tables, and a vase on each of the other tables that we plunked our bouquets into. The second centerpiece that came with our package was next to the cake. I think we got two centerpieces because we had the Gold package. Yes, the centerpieces looked like our bouquets. The pictures I sent as inspiration for our bouquets and the centerpieces were just ones I had found on
  8. Hi Karen, That's a great idea to let people know where you'll be going. We did something similar and we usually ended up back at Cafe Kafe after dinner where we'd let people know what we were doing for the night, if they were interested in joining. I have to admit I never went to the Sports Bar and don't even know where it is on the property, so I have no idea about it's hours or atmosphere. Cafe Kafe was open until 11pm or 12am, if I remember correctly. It had a great atmosphere where a lot of people would gather before dinner and they'd have a live band playing often or sometimes sal
  9. I had my reception at the Foyer. It is a private room that's very pretty. It's kind of shaped like a T, with the post of the T wide and short, if that makes sense. Yes, it's very hot. Our wedding was in November and everyone was dripping in sweat during the meal and especially after a little bit of dancing. In terms of space, you could place your table by the window, as it was a bit breezy but you would have to rely on several fans. I've said it before but if it were me I'd have the reception at Barcelona or the Lobster House, especially if it were in July. I believe these are the cor
  10. Hi Karijean, 1. It's $200 per couple to get the bloodwork. Bring cash to give the Doctor. That makes it sound shady, but it's not. 2. We do have to get it translated into English (ahem, a task I still have not completed - oops), in order to get a new drivers license and I believe passport. We're in Canada, so the cost to us will be different, I imagine. 3. We had 30 guests at our wedding (which was such a perfect amount, btw). We had a 'Welcome dinner' the second night we were there. We ended up having it at the outdoor Carribbean night festival they had at the resort. It was wonderful,
  11. Awesome pictures Lydia! It looks like you guys had a blast! Glad to hear you had such a great time.
  12. Okay, last review for me. This one is for our wedding photographers, whom we just loved! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4279
  13. Dina, I finally figured out how to compress my pictures, so I could upload them on the site. Thanks for the link. I can't believe we were so close to each other! I would have hopped, skipped and jumped over to see you if I'd realized it! 11.21.13 will always be such a special day, and I'm glad to share it with you guys Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. We're very lucky to have had such amazing photographers and they guaranteed our photos within 6 weeks of the wedding, but we got them after 3.5 weeks! Victor Herrera photography is really top notch, they were such a good choice. I can'
  14. You are so welcome. I hope it can help you and other brides with some decision making. Thank you for the compliments! It was actually the same dress - the lace overlay comes off! I didn't know this when I picked it out but it sure sold the dress for me. We definitely had the best day and our guests had such a wonderful time. Everyone said they wished their wedding had been so stress free and relaxing. It also helps that you're on vacation with all of your guests, so you get a whole week to spend with them chatting, instead of just a few hours at the reception. Gloria is such a peach, just
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