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  1. I have been looking for pics of receptions at port maria where did you find pics? Thank you
  2. My photographer is Misha Earle and we have her 10 hour package which comes with the photo booth. I don't know how much it is separate though.
  3. Sarah if you don't mind me asking what are your rates running. I just want an estimate even though I know it won't be the same in 2014. I just want to know what ball figure my guests may be looking around. My paperwork says premium bar is included with the private reception and when i asked Janielle she said both included the alcohol. It is so weird because at all of the Iberostar Jamaica resorts there are mixed issues when it comes to the WC. I noticed that when I get a response it is very short maybe like two words are so but it covers what I need it to cover and if not I re email her the question again and reiterate what I asked her.
  4. How exactly do you sign up. I sent the request and i looked for the document they were talking about but if it is the calendar it stops in December of this year so I guess I may have to wait.
  5. Jaciv2000 I am getting married at the Grand but they do not have rates out yet. When were you able to get rates from your resort? I would like to have people be able to book but even my TA says the rates aren't available to her. Did yours have talk to a certain person to get rates?
  6. Yay some more April 2014 brides. I thought I was crazy for planning this early. I am not happy though. I am such a worry wart but also impatient so we have sent save the dates out but we can't seem to get rates until possibly March. i don't like that. I mean since it is a wedding can't they just make up the rates for us so our people can start booking? For this reason alone I am thinking about switching properties but is that being to hasty?
  7. I have been doing a lot of researching and I chose Misha Earle for my photography. Her pictures don't look so generic, she really captures the essence of the day and the moment in all of her pictures and I heard from a lot of brides on here that she is an awesome person and gives great service. I found her just by googling her name but here is the link to her website. http://www.mishaearlephotography.com I emailed her and she sent me pricing the next day she is really nice. Hope this helps
  8. Kristy did you end up using Sheila's Bakery for your cake and if so how did you contact her. I am having a hard time contacting her. My resort can't do the cake i want so i have to take another route.
  9. Thank you so much. I contacted Jodi at Tai Flora and sent them the pic. I am keeping my fingers crossed
  10. Everyone is welcome. The lady I got it from off of another thread really saved me a headache with that. I told her she was awesome because I would have never thought of that and I had no clue where to start. Her time line is a God Send
  11. Dreamer catamaran. Got it I will look it up. And thanks for the info on the parasailing. I am excited.
  12. My travel agent was straight up with me when I first started talking to her about a destination wedding when i told her I only wanted at the most 30 guests. She then said then feel free to invite 50 or more because you will get a lot of people who will say they are totally coming and will even book their rooms but until you start getting confirmations on people booking their flights you won't necessarily have an actual number of attendees. She said she invited over a hundred and ended up with 50 total at her wedding. As for your mom she is probably just waiting to get the better deal because tickets were high not too long ago but the new year usually brings good specials. My TA told me that is the downside to the destination wedding because it is harder to get an actual head count until close to the last minute. Either way I am sure the ones that mean the most will be there. So excited to hear the after experience of your wedding.
  13. We just decided tonight we want to do Dunns. It looks like so much fun. We are doing the ATV's and Buggies to. I think we may need a vacation from the excursions. Do you know if they have parasailing there?
  14. Just when you made it easier for me with your planning thread you stressed me out again with this list. lol That is a lot of stuff but all necessity stuff. Oh Lord good thing my fiance is strong. lol This is an awesome list but I get lost a quarter way down. Would you mind e mailing it to me as well where it is easier to read. You are awesome. I'm telling you you have helped me out a ton. I just suggested to someone to look at your planning thread like I did to get an idea of everything. My e mail is kmomuv2@gmail.com Thanks.
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