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  1. No onsite assigned yet. I have to send back the final order form first. Should be tomorrow
  2. OMG-leaving in 10 days and getting married in 2weeks!! Time flies:) andI THINK Im done with the details (butevery time I think that, I think of something else Ive missed)
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jenvens7 I've heard that they only do white table cloths for the complimentary package. I'm going to do it as cheaply as possible, get the complimentary package and DIY most of my decor and have family lay it out once it's setup. Their prices are just ridiculous! Agreed! But I also dont want to take bags and bags of decor with me. At HRPC they will give you some things. I think I might wait til I get there. I know there is a Walmart in the area if need be
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Charmaine1988 Does any1 know where the cocktail party is held in the moon palace? Does any1 have any pics? you get to choose the venue. Lots of terraces to choose from
  5. Hey DonDon- We are the same date and each with 30 people---think we should take over the night club?
  6. Just found out I have over 60 room nights so I get a free 2 hr event. We were originally going to do a cocktail hour, now we are extending it to a 3 hr buffet/music event. We are doing the complimentary package. Does anyone know if they will provide any type of centerpiece or napkins for color? Ive heard conflicting reports
  7. Thats great to know. I have Brenda too. So far shes really slow on replying to emails but I have time so Im trying not to sweat it
  8. I think you get to choose the venue for the cocktail party
  9. Yes-the complimentary package. Im going to have to send an email to get some answers:)
  10. So it looks like its possible that we may have more than 30 people (maybe up to 40). The restaurant reservation is only for 30. Do you think they can accommodate or will I be forced to have a buffet?
  11. THANK you for posting this-Its beautiful and the perfect wording Ive been searching for
  12. Thanks guys. I also dont want to dictate anyone's vacation, but at the same time I dont them to feel they dont get time with us either. Next question...anyone have links to the buffet menus for the reception. I know its here somewhere:)
  13. So-turns out Im having 25-30 people come to the wedding. The wedding is on Friday, most people are coming Thursday until Sunday or Monday. Other than the ceremony, cocktail party and dinner/dancing....I was going to try to plan a golf outing and maybe a Cancun day. Is that enough? Do I need a welcome dinner/rehearsal? Or do I need activities daily. I dont want to impose on their vacations or make them feel like they have to stick with us the entire weekend. But I dont want to have an incohesive weekend and have people feel ignored. Opinions?
  14. Karen & John October 11, 2013 Moon Palace Golf & Spa Cancun, Mexico
  15. were you able to use the resort credits to pay for it? and what was the persons' name?
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