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  1. Hi Krista, I just got married on the 11th at the suites and we had 17 guests. I too found it difficult to plan my wedding when it seemed like everyone on the forum was making plans for 30+ people. When I was there, there were lots of weddings with just a few chairs on a beach. It doesn't make much of an aisle, of course, but they can put down a white cloth aisle down for you that can be really long. Everyone at my wedding loved how intimate it was and I got married on the beach. I didn't check about the gazebo that someone else suggested but probably with your number of around 10, it could work quite nicely as it might be a little cramped with much more. Best of luck!
  2. Hey previous brides, Did you ladies take out money to pay for the various vendors before you left on your trip or when you got there? Not sure if there are crazy transaction fees if you take the money out at the hotel but at the same time, don't want to be carrying around a ton of money for the first few days.
  3. I have yet to be married but I asked the WC at the suites and they just said the vendor fee needed to be paid.
  4. For the outside guests, was the $75 for their day pass or was this on top of their day pass?
  5. How many people did you have at your wedding? Did you do your dances in the restaurant and did you have a private booking?
  6. For those who had guests staying off the property, how did you deal with inviting them to the welcome party and other events on the property. Did anyone pay for the offsite guests to come for anything other than the ceremony?
  7. Is anyone planning (or has already) to wear their wedding dress to the disco on your wedding night? Since apparently small groups can't book the disco, I wanted to do some dancing with my dress on at some point.
  8. Just to let everyone know (in case someone else runs into the same problem), the WC for the suites got back to me and they pretty flexible with my number of guests that were actually staying at the resort. So crisis averted!
  9. I'm curious if this is a good thing for those booking at the Iberostar or not... I would be interested in this webinar as well.
  10. Good to know! The Suites is all booked up for my date too so that's why others would have to stay elsewhere (the Grand is too expensive.) I don't mind paying some kind of penalty if it comes to that but I'm just hoping its nothing extravagant!
  11. Hey brides, I'm wondering if anyone had an issue with not having 90% of their guests staying at the iberostar. We are probably going to have around 80% of people staying at iberostar. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, what was done about it? I'm kinda freaking out about it...
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