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  1. Hey ladies! I just got back Saturday from our wedding and it was perfect! We had 23 people total and did the Divine package with no extras, so let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe Have any recent brides brought their own speakers down? Brides that rented speakers, was the cost charged per hour? So $150 an hour for a 3 hour reception? I am getting so close! At what point should I be booking the spa appointments for hair/makeup? When I send in my planning form? We bought a new Bose speaker on Ebay with a carrying case to take on the place for $200 and you can buy the bluetooth for about $12 (so you don't have to keep your phone plugged into it and can change songs remotely if you want). Spa appointments look like they can be made in the paperwork that you send a month ahead of time.
  3. Ok, this is a weird request but I've bought extra wide organza ribbon to use as chair bows, so I have to cut it myself (and will probably go ahead and tie the bows so all they have to do is slide on)...does anyone know how wide the basic chairs are - the ones that come included in the packages? I am thinking about 16 inches which is pretty standard.
  4. Yea, they are strict about the images being readable, I had to send mine twice. No packet, just a confirmation page. I printed EVERYTHING out. I have it all in a folder - the brochures, budget sheet, paperwork, etc. Let me know if you want all that and I will email it to you (smaxwell417@yahoo.com). Love to help! Good luck
  5. If you're talking to me, I did the Divine package budgeting for 40 ppl, with NO add ons it was $5100ish. But that's because it is about $109 pp over 25 people. If you stick to the 25 and don't add anything on, you will stay at the $3000 mark, we also bought an outdoor wireless BOSE speaker for cheaper than their rental sound system. If you want my budget sheet, email me at smaxwell417@yahoo.com.
  6. It did take awhile for me to hear back from them, but I CCed the info or service email address from the website under contact info (I don't remember what it was) and I heard back quickly - probably bc they don't want those people knowing it takes forever! Keep in mind though, they are REALLY busy, doing 3 weddings a day. Don't worry, they will get back to you at some point but go ahead and get a list of questions and requests ready so you don't have to keep emailing and waiting on responses. Make sure to ask for a budget list - I told him I would not book until I got that! It helped a lot. I am bringing all my decor, my fiance said I wouldn't remember that I didn't have paper lanterns and the works so we are doing basic stuff. Instead of chair sashes, I am bringing wide ribbon; ordered table runners from Amazon, a few bucks cheaper; glass lanterns from bargainbunch.com; making paper garland for the arch...There's a lot you can save on if you can do things yourself and keep in mind you have to pack these things so small & light!! Good luck
  7. I know I have sent a bunch of you ladies my budget sheet from Ramon and I am sure this goes without saying...I just want to make sure no one will use it as a 'bargaining' tool so to speak. Because it has my name on it, I would hate for someone to say 'well Samantha got quoted this price', instead say 'I have a budget sheet that says differently' when referring to a price. Obviously, we all know the pricing can change and at the bottom of my budget sheet it says for December 2012. I don't want them coming to me saying I was giving out confidential stuff, even though it doesn't say it is, my fiance now has me paranoid AFTER I tell him I have sent it to some of you! oh well! I have no problem sharing any information I get and am glad to help you all, please just consider not using my name because I cannot figure out how to get off of a PDF. Thanks ladies and wish you the best, let's get murried!
  8. Ok, I think I got all the requests for the budget for the Divine package, but if not, please send me a private message otherwise I won't see it until I get on here! I have also started an excel sheet with my ideas, costs, where to buy items, and theme. I am an excel freak and cannot live without lists, I know I am crazy I don't mind sharing anything! If anyone has any suggestions or tips that have recently been married there, let me know. I am NOT picky and plan on 'going with the flow' while I am there. I will not be having programs or any of that fancy shmancy stuff. Getting excited though, only 11 months! ha.. Question: What is the deal with a rehearsal? Is there one at all??
  9. Got my budget sheet today! If anyone has any questions, let me know. I am choosing the Divine package for 40 people. The basic set up, no extras (maybe DJ/equipment rental). Ramon listed out all the costs associated with this package and the taxes.
  10. I am still waiting to clarify because I kind of got a little upset in a previous email to him since they aren't being consistent...so far, the entire package is an additional 11% which is what I have seen from other brides, however, I am asking him to send me a budget calculator for about 35 people and to break down the taxes because an extra 15% on the package price is a lot of money and since he said it is only on the food and beverage, I need to know how that works being a package price. I think it is a scheme of sorts to charge extra, but I will make sure they only charge the 15% on my food and beverage!
  11. I am looking at the Divine package and wasn't sure about if there was any taxes added on, so I emailed Ramon and he said he wasn't sure at first, then I just heard back this morning that there is an additional 11% tax and food and beverage is 11% and 15% service charge...Doesn't make sense on a package when it is all lumped together, so I told him to break it down for me and to show me where in the paperwork/website where it says there is a tax on the package. I'll keep you updated - but in the meantime, can anyone clear this up??
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