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  1. Yes, I just learned that they changed their packages. Not sure if the old way or new way is better or not. I'm hoping that when we get down there and meet with our cooridnator she will get us hooked up with some additional savings/perks. I understand they need more staff, but let's be honest it's really not a good reason to charge us $25 per person for each beyond 40 people. I think it's a little strict. We are talking with our travel agent tonight about the things she has negotiated for us with delta vacations and funjet vacations... we are hoping they can make up for EDR being annoying with fees. Paula
  2. I'm also from WI!! We live in Madison. We are getting married at EDR in January, and having 55 guests at least.... 53 have booked so far, with more that are still probably going to. We are having a semi-private dinner at cocotal. They are charging us $20 per person for anybody beyond 40 people! This is something we are not happy with. However, we are getting a lot of kickbacks through delta vacations and funjet vacations (which is who people are booking through). We are paying for a 2 hour cocktail party as our reception, and renting their stuff to use for our ipod. They have set up fees for pretty much everything. Just so you know, these are negotiable and we have been able to complain enough to get our coordinator to at least reduce the fees. Overall, I feel EDR has not given us any perks for bringing them more business, and instead we have had more fees. I'm hopeful that when we go down there and have our meeting before our wedding they will give us more perks or netotiate with us more regarding these extra fees. I mean cmon... we are bringing 55 people to their resort!!!!!! I know that all sounds pretty negative. I don't mean it to be, but it's just been our experience prior to going down there. The resort looks amazing, the coordinator has been in touch with me fairly regularly, although it usually takes 2 weeks before she will email me back regarding things. I don't know if this helps much... but just gives you a clear look at what's to be expected. -Paula
  3. pschopen

    Everything MUST go!

    I'm interested in the bride and groom koozies. Also, the hand sanitizer a. How many do you have? Also, what are shipping costs to 53711? Thanks, Paula
  4. I'm getting married in January at EDR. I have set up to purchase the boquets through EDR (also being used as decor for private party and dinner), and will be bringing down with me the boutonieres and corsages which I also purchased from Kate Said Yes on Etsy. -Paula
  5. Do you have a picture of the beach towels? -Paula