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  1. Nope! Haven't gotten that yet. But thankfully another bride sent me the form so I can at least collect up all of the details and have it ready whenever the WCs decide to reach out to me. I just keep reminding myself, they're the professionals, they do this every day, everything WILL workout...deep breaths haha I have heard/read that you won't get your welcome dinner confirmation until a week before. Not helpful for the purposes of printing, but perhaps at least comforting to know they not just ignoring you? :-/ And yes, too funny that we're practically neighbors and getting married withing a week of each other! If you're still there on the 8th (when I arrive), maybe we can grab a drink and say hello
  2. Also: has any read reviews of the resort's spa? I forgot to book someone to do my hair, and I need to know if it's too risky to just go w/ the onsite spa. Thanks!
  3. Thanks very much for the responses, ladies! I just keep reminding myself what we've all read over and over again: they're the professionals, they handle weddings ALL the time, they know what they're doing and it WILL work out. Kassi 22: read your review, it was great! Do you have any last minute advice looking back?? Thanks!
  4. I'm 23 days out and haven't heard a peep from the Tiffany/Nicole.. Recent brides: when did you hear from the WCs? I heard it's a month from your date, which I'm under now. Just want to know if other brides are in the same place! Also, if you can tell me what the "final details" email entails, I'll be able to relax a bit and collect that information so I'm prepared for their email. Thanks, girls
  5. Hey Courtney! You're getting married the week before me - have you heard anything from the WCs? I'm 23 days out and haven't heard a peep...not that I'm counting down (or starting to freak out a tad)....haha just want to know if other brides are in the same place!
  6. From what I've read/heard from other brides who had their dinner at Calabash - if you have a large group, as you do, but not enough to actually rent the restaurant, they won't seat other guests near you, or even in the restaurant until about 8, so you'll have the place to yourself for an hour and a half....and it's free That's what I'm planning to do, since I'll only have about 30 guests attending. Hope that helps!
  7. Has anyone had any luck actually getting information from Tai Flora (other than a generic response "We'll be in contact soon")??? If so, what email address/phone number are you using? Thanks!
  8. Lisa Dyer - the Suites' beach party is Saturday night. The Beach's beach party is Thursday night; you can go to that, too, if you're staying at the Suites location.
  9. I can't open the 2013 price list you attached, Courtney. Willing to email? aewoods09@gmail.com - thanks
  10. Can I get a copy of 2013 pricing?? aewoods09@gmail.com Thanks so much!!!
  11. We arrive on May 8th (most guests will get there on the 9th, with a few arriving on the 10th), and then we're staying until the 17th (most guests are only staying 3 nights). Glad to hear that you were able to customize the menu at Calabash, albeit for extra $$, but it definitely seems worth it. I can't remember who asked earlier, but we are not going to have a DJ at the bonfire; just bringing Bose speakers and an iPod. Towards the end we're going to light Wishing Lanterns.
  12. Wow, Fut MrsAntenor! You have so many details planned out! Just wondering, are they confirmed with Nicole/Tiffany, or are these just the items you want? I'm getting married the day before (May 11, 2013), and I want to know if I should be firming up my details, too (I remember Nicole saying we'd start 3 months ahead of time, so I thought I had a bit more time). My "Wish List" Welcome dinner or cocktail party (May 9): Undecided location Rehearsal/Group dinner (May 10): Japanese restaurant (Beach location) Ceremony Time: 4:30pm Ceremony Location: Undecided - beach, gazebo, or lazy river Pictures/cocktails on the beach: 5 - 6:15pm Reception Location: Calabash - not rented (6:30 - 8:30pm) Bonfire/cocktails on the beach: 9-11pm I'm only going to have about 30 people, but I've read from various reviews on this site, that although you're not paying for a Private or Semi-Private reception, with a group that size, the hotel won't seat other guests. I don't know how many other brides chose a destination wedding because it's significantly cheaper than having a wedding back home (especially being around Washington, DC). That said, I'm looking for ways to save money, while still ensuring my guests having an amazing day (i.e., a bonfire is more exciting for them than centerpieces or table runners). Anyone with suggestions for saving money (or at least not wasting money), please send them my way! I'm also planning to send a package directly to the hotel with items for my welcome bags (which I'll assemble when I get to the hotel), and I'd like to find out if Tiffany/Nicole can reserve a section of some restaurant for a group dinner on our last day - has anyone asked about that?
  13. Thanks for the detailed post, X-Tina - so helpful! One question about your reception dinner. You said you couldn't rent out Aunt Ruby's because you didn't have enough people - how many did you have? For Calabash - did you pay to rent out the entire restaurant, or were you able to just use part of it (while the rest was open to other guests)?
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