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  1. You have to pay $500 just for using an outside vendor. This isn't for set up. They charge $150 to set up anything you want during the reception. I just said I would have family and friends help with the flowers and didn't pay the set up fee. But at the end of the day our florist set up our ceremony centerpieces. and somebody ended up setting up our reception centerpieces (I'm assuming the decorations company we used).
  2. Sorry, totally missed the 30 person part. I don't believe they charge you for extra people over the 30, but not 100%. I had 35 guests, including ourselves and 3 babies and there weren't any extra charges for that.
  3. Just as Shan 0487 said, you only pay for however many extra hours you go over. It is $60/table/hour. Also if you decide to have a private reception outdoors and want the plated option over buffet, it's an extra $30/person. The only thing we don't know is if they decide to change the prices for 2014, as it seems that they started charging for things in 2013 that weren't charged to brides in 2012. The prices are always different and they are very inconsistent.
  4. Hey! I had my wedding this past April and I had booked my venues before the 90 days. I think I was able to reserve it back in December. I had gotten a hold of the wedding sales contact through my travel agent. You could either try that or call the wedding sales department. I would suggest to wait some time before calling though as it is still VERY early for you to start any of the planning with them. One thing I did ahead of time was scour the forums and join the fb pages to get an idea of where and what I wanted my wedding. And as soon as I was able to speak with someone, I asked for the exact locations for ceremony and reception (you can always make changes before you sign the final invoice with them). Hope that helps
  5. Congrats! They're not very flexible. They don't let you make any changes to the packages which is why I went with the complimentary and added my own details. I found it was more fun this way.
  6. No. Just tell them if they ask. They asked me if I wanted photography services and I just said no one of our guests will be taking photos for us. I find it was best to tell them as little as possible until the day you meet with your onsite coordinator or they'll try to charge you for EVERYTHING.
  7. If your photographer is a guest you don't have to pay the $500.00 vendor fee. It's only if they are not staying at the resort.
  8. Yes they are very inconsistent with what they charge for. Originally I was told that we would pay a set up fee if we had them set up our centerpieces for us as we had used an outside vendor. But in the end I never mentioned anything and they just set it up for us without charge. (But we DID have to pay the $500 outside vendor fee).
  9. You can have rectangular tables, but they are extra. You will need to go through their decorations vendor to get the tables. We had to pay extra for a sweetheart table.
  10. Hi annetea1021 I wasn't interested in any of their approved photographers so I didn't ask for their contact. The only photographer's information I have is wedding1@palaceresortsweddingphotos.com who is called Ocean Photo Studio. But once your wedding coordinator contact you, they will send you a list of all the different vendors you contact for your wedding day. (ie. decorations, music, tour bookings, etc). It might be a little early for you to contact these vendors as they will not have a wedding coordinator to send your information to. You basically speak with everyone separately and they send you a final order/invoice for your approval and then they send it over to your wedding coordinator who takes care of everything from there. They will charge you everything together. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. I just got back from my wedding at Moon a couple weeks ago and it was amazing!
  11. I think the age is 18+ for Noir. They didn't check ID or anything, so you may be able to sneak them in? (unless the under 18's get different colored bracelets...I wasn't sure of this as we didn't any have children or teens with us)
  12. I just got back from Moon Palace for my wedding and absolutely loved it minus a few mishaps. On choosing location. It depends on what kind of group you are travelling with. From reading reviews I had decided on Nizuc as Grand sounded really quiet and Sunrise sounded too hectic with lots of kids. When we got there Nizuc seemed kind of boring for us. Minus parents/aunts/uncles, the rest of us were a group of late 20's/early 30's who are really playful. We were actually really excited when we headed over to the Sunrise section and found the flowrider and teens lounge (only for the popsicles and unlimited arcade games lol) and Noir Club (which btw is really good!) and even the pool area entertainment seemed more lively. Everyone had wished that we were staying on the Sunrise side as we found ourselves heading over to that side quite often. We had never even bothered to hang out near the Grand Section. I had done my eshoot there and that was about it. It seems newer and the facilities were nicer, but nothing to do and far from all the excitement. If you prefer some more peace and quiet and like lying around the pool, I would suggest Nizuc as it was pretty central to everything and walking over to sunrise or grand isn't a big deal (there are shuttles as well). As far as renovations, I saw some going on on the Sunrise side, but nothing that would really affect your stay. But apparently Nizuc is going to start renos soon too.
  13. I currently have Brenda as my wedding coordinator and she has been great with answering any questions I had and providing all the information I need, although it does take her a few days to respond. My wedding is in April so I will let you know how everything goes. But one thing to keep in mind is that you will have a different onsite wedding coordinator.
  14. I'm not too sure since I knew I wanted other photographers and didn't bother asking. From what I remember from scouring this site, I believe they are Smile Market and Del Sol? (not 100% sure though)
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