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  1. Does anyone know if the Hard Rock videographer does a good job?
  2. Is Jochy Fersobe the Hard Rock Hotel's videographer?
  3. Who did your video? Did you use the Hard Rock's video company?
  4. I have Jennifer and love her!! Quick responses and provided lots of information.
  5. I was not able to join the webinar, but have many questions regarding the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana. My mother is a member so should I work directly with the resort travel or how does it benefit me to work with Wright Travel if we are guaranteed member prices. I am also interested in how we book travel. Thanks! Kimmy
  6. She is my wedding planner as well. Please let me know information you find out as well. Thanks!
  7. KerriAnn, I am also a 2014 bride to be. I received my contract and just need to send in my deposit. I have also researched photographers and videographers. Still need to pick sites for wedding, food, decorations. I would love to see what you have found out and I will let you know what I have found out. Just private message me and we can discuss. Thanks alot! KimmyB
  8. HI! I am just in the beginning stages of planning since my wedding is not until June 2014. I have so many questions, I don't know where to start. I am particularly interested in how do you find out what photographers and videographers are the good ones and do they send you samples? Also, which places would be the best to have the ceremony versus the reception? What would be the best time to have the ceremony and do you wait to have the cocktail hour and reception because you want to take beach pictures? If you get the complimentary wedding package, can you add in more decorations? What kind of decorations do they have for the reception or do you have to purchase them? For your guests, how do they book their reservations? Thanks so much for your help! KimmyB
  9. Jamie - may I ask why you went through a travel agent instead of going through the reservations at the Hard Rock? Also, how did you get a wedding website and where do you go to get it? Thanks!
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