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  1. Found my bridesmaid dresses on lightinthebox. Shopped there before for my BFF wedding and the dresses turned out great. Here is mine which my girls will be wearing in pool blue.
  2. Hey all. I am getting married at the sante fe on feb 24, 2014 at 4pm on the beach. Booking that was the easy part! It's the dinner/reception I am having trouble with. It seems the only private location is the Patio Ingles. Has anyone used this location? How was the set up? Did you have a dance/dj set up as well? At 600$ for the space, $36 min for meal and $12 per person for open bar...$50 min total per person. For an all inclusive resort I hope the food and drinks and set up would be prefect. No flaws. Anyone have any info on this? I've been so the resort twice and loved it, I am iffy tho on location. I wanted to have my reception on the beach
  3. So many beautiful dresses! If I double post, I apologize. I seem to be having trouble. I just purchased my dress last weekend. It's by Venus Bridal and it's not what I expected to wear at all. I actually took one look at it before I put it on and figured I wouldn't even leave the dressing room to show everyone. Boy was I wrong! I'm in love. Totally flattering for my body as I am quite short but with the drop waist it makes me look taller than I am. Ill post a pic when I have my fitting at e end of the year but until then here is the dress!! And I m altering the top to have the tight rouching arch left to right (like a rainbow, if that makes sense) instead of horizontal.
  4. You look gorgeous! Who took your photos? Was it the on site photographer or did you hire someone from cabo?
  5. Thank you so much!! I was expected a much higher price for this dress and it's so much cheaper than I imagined! Thank you for your help!!
  6. I have found this dress that I absolutely love, but I cant figure out who the designer is...the attached pic is from a knock off website that I DO NOT want to have to order from but I will if I have too. Anyone have any ideas who the designer is?? http://pinterest.com/pin/160300067957995478/ Thanks!
  7. Hi Rose. Congrats on your engagement! I'm looking to get married at the Palace in Feb 2014 and I was told by the hotel that you can only book your date a year in advance. So I'll email the hotel again in January 2013 and hopefully set my date! I've read through a bunch of the forums and this site is very useful and has some great tips from those who have been married at the Palace. I've been to the Santa Fe several times - so Im hoping that this hotel will be just as great. Happy Planning Jackie
  8. I have actually been to the Sante Fe twice before and absolutely love this resort! If you are into the more wild fun party atmosphere, then this is the place for you. I am planning my destination at the Palace instead, as I do not believe all my guesting will find the Sante Fe appealing - too much party party - even tho there is a quiet pool. The good thing about having a wedding at the Palace, is you can use all the Sante Fe's ammenties - so for the younger crowd who wants to get rowdy then just head over to the Sante Fe. Feel like a nice relaxing day by the pool? Stay at the Palace.
  9. Hello everyone - I've spent the entire morning reading many of your posts and you have all inspired me to join and post my ideas as well! I recently got engaged in March at Hawaii and my fiance and I plan on doing a destination wedding at the RIU Palace in Cabo in Feb 2014 (yes, I know, so far away but if I had it my way it would be Feb 2013 ) Great site! Thanks!
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