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  1. It's definitely scary sending deposits to vendors you haven't met, but I trusted sending to tai flora and misha earle since they are both respected vendors.
  2. We did do first dance, and then a mom/son father/daughter at the same time. We did it right away and super short just to get them over with
  3. Just had my 70 person wedding at The Grand, ceremony on the beach, reception at port maria. It was the best time of my life, wouldn't have changed a thing. We had a bonfire the night before which was so much fun. The wedding coordinators Syrecka and Janelle were AMAZING, best in the business. Took care of every little thing and they were both so sweet everyone loved them. The Grand ceremony and reception setup is breathtaking. Food and drinks were nonstop and so yummy. The flowers from Tai Flora were gorgeous and Misha Earle was awesome. I was most worried about the DJ but DJ Juvenile was perfect. we told him ahead of time, no lame group songs, no slow dances, just fun party music, lots of great top 40, dance, hip hop, and that's exactly what he did. He had every new song and everyone raved about him.
  4. Getting married in 2 weeks!! Can't wait! Tai flora worked with us to get down to a budget we were comfortable with, so now we're feeling good. The grand wedding coordinators have been amazing! Feeling really comfortable right now. Last thing I have to do us a must play and don't play for the grand dj? Is that how you ladies are doing it? So tough! Soooo excited!
  5. Thanks so much!!!!! So helpful. Also was looking to source little blue mountain coffee bags (or something similar) as favors and sparklers. Did anyone find either of these in jamaica?
  6. has anyone done a rehearsal dinner with the whole group? I have about 70 people staying at the suites, and just thinking it would be fun to do hibachi or something for everyone, but not sure if that's allowed. thanks!
  7. Tai flora's ceiling lanterns are really expensive. Is anybody bringing them down on their own? Just curious where you bought and where you got the actual lights for them. Thanks!!
  8. For Floral Fantasies we have to pay a $250 Vendor fee...which actually might be worth it after checking it out quotes from both!
  9. everything looks so great! looooooooove those save the dates!! excited to see what else you decide on
  10. That's good to know about Floral Fantasies, very unfortunate since Tai Flora is clearly so busy they can't write back in a timely manner. And really, I have no idea what things cost, so it's difficult to budget. Here's what I received. My bouquets and centerpieces were based pics I sent, so were definitely more expensive than i thought. i wrote back after receiving the quote asking for options much cheaper: Bridal Bouquet: (from picture i sent) hydrangeas, roses, and orchids - $185 Bridesmaid Bouquet: smaller version of above - $125/bouquet Wrist Corsage white orchid: $35 each White orchid boutenniere: $18 each Bag of white rose petals for flower girls: $30 each Chivari Chairs: $8 each Burlap Table Runners: $20 each Centerpieces: tall square vase with hydrangeas, roses and orchids $160 each String chinese lanterns for portmaria: $550 2post Bamboo arch with fabric draping: $250 Then there was a $289 setup/deliver charge, (i imagine because of the chairs) and 16.5% tax. So, it's much more than I'd like to spend. I'm getting rid of the chairs, and lights, and getting cheaper bouquets and centerpieces. Hoping Tai Flora can offer good alternatives. I have heard that brides are always happy with the results, which is a good thing! It also says you can pay by cashiers check or by credit card (4%fee for credit card) Hope that helps!
  11. hi kfarkas! did you ever hear back from taiflora, i have my quote from them if you want me to share anything with you. i also reached out to floral fantasies for a quote, which was definitely less, has anyone used them?
  12. Hi all! I'm getting married early July at the Grand and just have to note that the wedding coordinators there have been amazing. They are so quick to reply with any answer, makes me feel so comfortable and at ease with the process. And love the sample invoices of pricing so im not dependent on my math. Here are my details below now that they are locked in. Looking like 60-70 people. I'm doing Misha Earle photography, I had reached out to Saab and they are all booked and then found Misha from this forum and loved her work. She's been really nice. Pricing is $1500-$3000 depending on package. We're doing a bonfire the night before for 2 hours, with a fire breather and wish lanterns. What music do you think would be best? I'd loooove the band but just so pricey. Thinking might have to be a DJ. For the wedding doing 5:30-6 ceremony with steel drums, 6-7 cocktail hr with apps, wine and cheese and steel drums, and reception 7-11 at the Port Maria with DJ. (Added the extra hour). Waiting to hear back from taiflora about chairs, flowers, etc, they are definitely super slow, but I don't mind as long as they are quick to reply closer to the date. I'd like the gold chiavari chairs, white orchids and white flowers, hanging white lanterns, and burlap runners on tables. Welcome bags, for ladies I got floppy hats and beach bags from forever21. Not sure about guys yet, thinking fun sunglasses. Thanks so much for all your help! Let me know if anyone has any questions. Can't wait!!!!
  13. Amazing!!! Would you be able to let me know how much you're paying? Thanks so much!!!!
  14. I'm getting married July 2013 at the grand at the port maria and can't wait! The grand wedding coordinators have been amazing, answering questions so fast. Thanks for supplying those answers, so happy to hear about the cake!! Excited to hear back from tai flora to hear prices, would like to do white hanging lanterns, lighting and drapery on the posts, and gold chiavari chairs, white linens, and burlap runners on the tables. Has anyone heard how good the resort photographer is? Seems like everyone goes with someone else, just don't know where to begin and don't want to spend too much. Would love a photo booth setup too. Thanks! woo!
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