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  1. They said that was the best they could do....and I think it looks great either way so I approved it.
  2. No...I haven't tried it on. I was mainly buying this dress for a TTD shoot. Here are the updates I received from LandyBridal today, they didn't change anything about the belt but did some changes to the buttons on the back:
  3. This is what they sent me when I asked about the neckline: "It appears that the original Lepanto dress has a slightly dipped front neckline as well. We replicated that design accordingly. Are you sure that you want to make that neckline straight?" The last pic is my illustrations.
  4. They have samples of swatches in a lot of colors...I think if you request to see them they will e-mail it to you and you can request any color.
  5. I ordered 2 dresses...one is the wedding dress from LandyBridal and the other is a dress for cutting the cake from Jasmine's....What do you think? 1st Dress (The differences I noticed were the size and location of the belt, the neckline, and the buttons extending past the waist in the back. They said I will need to wear a petticoat if I want a fuller look). Inspiration: Lazaro Style 3250 Post Production Photos: 2nd Dress Inspiration: Pronovias Lepanto 2012 Cocktail Dress Mid-Production Pictures: Thanks for looking!
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