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  1. They play for 60 minutes They set up 15 minutes prior so there time started @ 1:45 then they rushed out of the wedding location to get ready for another wedding!
  2. I didn't think the steel band was worth the $. We had a DJ & the fire show ,limbo & bamboo dancers and were quite impressed with those services. WORTH EVERY PENNY! But the steel band wasn't. You can choose your own music so why not do that. Through your ipod.!!!
  3. I received my makeup & hair done at the spa. It was terrible my hair fell out before I even wed. I had extensions in my hair they did my updo wrong and completely knotted my hair! I recommend Rashel Edwards as well.! Ive seen her work she is amazing!!
  4. I don't realize we could upload pics on here! So here is my wedding pic from grand palladium married January 25th,2013 <3 Congrats to all you future brides !
  5. YES AND i would recommend NOT TOO! I recieved make up trail make up on wedding day hair flase eyelashes. i paid 250.00 and NOT WORTH IT! My hair was NOT properly done and was falling out ! When i took my hair done the next day it was KNOTTED (i have pictures) and i gotten extensions 6 days before weaved so in the progess of gettign the knot out (2 in a half hours later furing my vacation) My extensions we RUINED> Theye even went as far as saying the extensions were already damaged prior (which wasnt true)> I complaimed and they woudlnt give me my money so i recieved two services ( i think they should of done that and gave me my money back) I would recommend Chasity Artistry Rashel Edwards. She is amazing. Check her our on FB!!!!
  6. Hello, Yes i had the steel drums play at the ceremony! Yes i had music i was supose to bring to be played off the speakers but actually forgot it. My WC actually already had the music downloaded on her phone (thank goodness)!!! The steel band play 15 minutes before the ceremony, then for our sigining we had choosen a song & when we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife we played another song we had choosen. We got married January 25,2013 and pd 350.00. The steel band played whatever songs they played. They were amazing! I hope this helps I'm more than happy to anwser as many questions as possible Congrats! Your day will be amazing! Chelsea Gauthier
  7. Steel Band is amazing! But if you choose to have other songs playying as well, its not worth it. They rushed me out of the ceremony so we didnt hear the steel band for an hour. I also wanted other music inbetween, walking down the aisle after we were married and while we signed the papers.) Overall i didnt feel like $350.00 was worth it considering We didnt even get our full hour!! I had 18 epople and we choose a sitdopwn private dinner. All the restaurants on good depending what you like! my advice if you dont like cts dont choose the italian.
  8. Hello , we got married on January 25th, Our reception was at the Poseidon as well! I was so disappointed since the pictures I reviewed were the nicest ! But seeing it all i was more than happy to have it there ! Poseidon is 100 percent private . Was overlooking sunset cove and was perfect for what I wanted! As for the blue lagoon is only semi private and they block part of it off. So it's right in the middle if two a la cartes. Personally I really enjoyed the privacy! Saying this the blue lagoon is amazing it just all depends what you like! Congrats,
  9. have an amazing wedding! Don;t sweat the small stuff. Nothing else will matter at the end of the day except you marrying him <3
  10. I got married on January 25th, 2013 at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Waves of Love Package Beach 2pm Steel Band Reception Poseidon Fire Show Limbo & bamboo dancers DJ Meal Plated option. I dont have all my pics but heres a pre-view of my wedding. Its on you tube - search Chelsea & Joel's Dream Wedding I'm happy to anwser any questions anyone may have!! ALso A huge thanks to everyone who has talked to me and anwsered my questions up the to wedding. Congrats to all the brides and brides to be <3 -Chelsea Gauthier
  11. I flew my photographer in so i just received the pics with my package from true colors! There were amazing, just as good as my photographer (even better). My package was Waves of love. in total they only took about 15 pics but really all of them were so lovely it was hard to choose. Theres a little set-up in the gift shop where you can view all the pics and have the option of buying more . Ask any questions you may like!!! Also heres a wedding video pre-view. Longer one to come once I get all my pics!! Search Chelsea & Joel's Dream Wedding in you tube (for some reason it won;t let me copy the link)
  12. no fee since they are the hotels photography. I had a few pics form them and i loved them. Also they go around the resort and take pics. They always ade a point to get some amazing family pics. They are friendly professional and take amazing pics
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