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  1. I worked with Marlene through e mail before the wedding and saw her for our meeting and at the wedding some but mostly worked with Hildebrabda once we arrived. She is new but did a great job. During our meeting she had all the information I had discussed with Marlene organized. She was very attentive and worked very hard to make things perfect.
  2. The dance floor ranged from around $900 to $2,000 I think it depended on the size. We paid around 1,500 for the one we had. I think it was 16 x 16. It was not huge but worked perfect for our group. For us it was worth it and really brought a lot of life to the reception with it being the center point the tables were around. I think it brought more people out on the dance floor compared to if it was just sand.
  3. Missjali, I was taking pictures in that area so I am sure you saw us. Good luck planning it was a wonderful day. Thank you, I was happy with how the dress turned out. Nykat57, The weather was warm and humid, people were for sure hot dancing,but it was worth it to me to be outside. I am for Michigan and it is still snowing here! There was not much wind, more of a breeze would have been nice. We just got the basic center prices that were free. They was greenery around a candle. I think the candles were fine all night, but I did not pay much attention. I really did not notice the centerpieces much as the setting was so beautiful. We had a lot of light with the glowing tables and dance floor. We were on the very end of the resort on the adult section. It was next to some rooms but I honestly did not see one person near the reception and there was a lot of security around that was off and out of sight unless you went and looked for them. The only time we saw anyone was on the walk from the adult lobby to the beach. Everyone we saw clapped and said congrats. Any children got to go with the wedding planner in her golf cart around to the reception spot so they did not walk through the adult lobby and pools. Honestly we LOVED the location it was more beautiful than I even thought it would be. Oh yeah that bathrooms had great AC in them to cool off!
  4. No cocktail hour. We figured we did not want to pay for it when people could just get it for free at the bars. It was also hot out so it was nice to give people a break from outside and cool off in bar Carey and have drinks there and all hang out before the reception.
  5. I do not remember seeing anything about a minimum age for the snorkling, and they have kids prices listed. Here is a post from my photographers blog that include some more pictures of the wedding. http://www.emilydennisphotography.com/andrew-cassey-domincan-republic-destination-wedding/
  6. We did the Marinarium and had a private sailing catamaran. I believe we had to have at least 35 people to do it private. We had one 13 year old go, and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  7. Honestly it really never cooled down at night while we were there. The sun was beating down on the rooftop for the ceremony we watched from bar Carey around 6ish. However it is hot no matter where you are so if you love it I would say go for it. The ceremony does not last hours! Also it called for 40 percent chance of rain the last 3 days we were there and did not rain any of those days. Only one night if rain from about 5-630. There was usually some nice cloud cover that would come and go.
  8. Hey, We did not have place cards. I made a seating chart with table numbers and names listed under them and framed it. They provided the table numbers. They also provided a printed menu with our wedding date and names, and I did not know they were going that so it was a nice surprise. I worked with Marlene through e mail but Hildabranda was with me during out meeting and most of the wedding day. She did great, has just started last month. I brought my own ribbon for the bouquets and the ribbon on the cake looked identical, but I do not know if they did it or if they used the stuff I brought. The glass vases at the ceremoney were provided and I did not know they would be there, so another nice surprise. We used Anders with group palmera for snorkling and booked through e mail before we left. We had a private boat and everyone met in the lobby the day before to pay him. The champaigne toat is provided in the tangerine package. It is usually done after the ceremoney, but we wanted something unique in the ceremoney so we put it in. No charge and they handed it out for us. The three peice band did a nice job. I think they played the theme song to the Godfather as we walked out, but no one really noticed and it sounded nice. The beach reception was not our first choice until we saw pictures of the glowing tables then we fell in love. It turned out better then we thought. Good luck!
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