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  1. Good morning ladies, So I ordered a dress from baby online recently. not my wedding dress but a blue dress fort rehearsal dinner. I requested that they send pictures prior to sending the dress. well they delivered the dress without pictures. I was away for the thanksgiving holiday and now I have to go out of my way and pick it up. it is crazy how they work. I hope the dress looks great but I am upset at the fact that they did not send me pictures as I requested. What is that? I am furious!
  2. Hi Katherine2go, wow less than a month... how exciting!!!! I have 4 months to go and have my planning call next month. Ugh I am so nervous.... I hope that All turns out well for you. I have heard amazing things. please post pictures and a review if possible when you return. What are some of the things that you have chosen? How many people are attending? My fiancé and I have about 60 ppl attending which is more than we ever expected. We chose the Tailormade and also added some things as the fire dancers, the trio and dj etc. How are you feeling now that you are only less than a month away!
  3. Good Morning Ladies, I just want to know what form of payment do you use for Babyonlinedress and Jasmines bridal. I placed an order for babyonlinedress and my card was declined. I know that my bank verify any fraud. Are these purchases legit????
  4. Hi krisod, Welcome!!!! Congrats and wish you all the best with our wedding plans! If it rains you can speak with the wedding coordinators on where you would like your event held. The gabi is beautiful but pretty expensive!!! If you afford.... It is really awesome!!!! The Apollo ballrooms, Apollo terrace are also indoor spaces whic work beautifully. We decided on having our reception at the Apollo ballroom since it has a/c and we did not want to take the chance. The wedding coordinators do not charge extra for their services. You have to pay for your package, upgrades and add ons. My wedding is less than 5 months away and I feel like I have so much to do. Just got my bridesmaid dresses!!!! Oh boy!
  5. Hello ladies planning on ordering a few dresses from baby online which will be great for my wedding and to go to other weddins next year. does anyone know where I can get affordable wedding dress belts or sash.... I want lots of bling on my belt. Any suggestions? I love this forum!
  6. Wow I'm impressed.... Thinking of purchasing a few dresses from babyonline... I just wondered if it was legit...
  7. Hi ladies, For those of you who have done the draping at the Apollo ballroom.... was it worth it? How much was the draping?
  8. Hi Danny, Thanks for the review. I love your pictures. So beautiful!!!!! I am super excited... My wedding is less than 6 months away at PPR. I am going to book the bridal suite and going to have my hair done at the room. Ugh I find that there is so much to think about... But it sounds like once you are there it is amazing... We are going with the tailor made package. And we will be having our reception at the apollo. How did the draping work out? I am thinking of adding this to the room. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated... Congratulations!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by yalitza0408 Did you go with the tailor made package? If so how many quest will be attending your wedding? I'm still undecided on the packages, I love the tailor made package but was wondering if its worth it! Yes we chose the Tailormade package. The revised package includes more guests and since we want to have the BBQ on the beach we thought it was worth it. I hope it all works out. We are expecting 50-60 guests. So far 50 have booked so we are just waiting for the rest of the people to book. I know that it is really pricey but we figured it is still more affordable than having a wedding here. I have saved in many areas, i made my own Save the Dates, response cards, invitations and my dress was affordable so i think that we are just adding it all to the wedding weekend. I am super excited. We are thinking of getting the fire dancers as well for the BBQ, and adding more video and photography for both days. I hope it all works out... Less than 6 months to go!!!! Happy Planning!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by IslandGirl808 CONGRATULATIONS angelnjewels! 6 months is just around the corner So many decisions to make, and it's a destination wedding which is supposed to be easier lol. My mom and I looked at wedding venues back in my hometown and the details to keep track of as far as catering, florists, decorations were a bit much. Unlike majority of women who see wedding planning as exciting (including one of my best friends, who pulled off an amazing fairy-tale wedding), I see it at work At least there should be less stress I'm hoping anyway with planning a destination wedding. Well, I'm hoping anyway. Which photographer/videographer did you and your fiance decide on? The company that the resort works with or a different one? That $1K surcharge is nuts. Islandgirl808, Yes i agree with you... to much for an at home wedding... Thank you so much... I cant wait and cant believe how fast time flies. Yes i think that even though it is still stressful this was the best option for us. A lot has happened. I have learned about other people and about myself. I am telling you this has been a bumpy ride and i know who is with me and who is against me but all is good. Regarding the photography/videograher we have decided to go with Arrecife. Even though we have not signed a contract yet we do not want to pay the outside vendor fee and feel that they will do a fabulous job with video and pictures. We are actually trying to negotiate and have them during our BBQ the night before. I want to capture every moment of our wedding weekend. How are you doing with your planning? Happy planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Ladies I finally chose a package. My fiancé and I chose it because with the changes that best fit our wedding weekend. We have arraigned to have the Welcome BBQ the night before on the beach. We are debating wether or not to have the photographer and videographer that night as well to capture such an important time of our wedding. We are also planning on having the fire dancers That night because it will give a great feel and leave more room for dancing at the reception lol... Everything is still in the works but as I get closer I feel this knot in my stomach I think it's my anxiety. I have 6 months to go... yay!
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