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  1. Parish, Lianny told me max reservation a restaurant for rehearsal was 24 ppl. If the group is larger you could have it in one of the ballrooms with steak house menu. I really wanted the Japanese but we are a group of 32, Lianny made a reservation for us of 24 ppl and when we arrive we will try to make another reservation for the remainder of our group. She said she would make a note (whatever that means) As for other dinner reservations throughout the week max she could book was 12 ppl. I'm working on her for larger groups. I'll let u know if she budges.
  2. Hi Julibee! Thanks for the info the Duty free was what I had planned initially but I can't reach anyone at the duty free shop ( no website) I don't know what they will carry for selection. I'am also using the wine bottles as table numbers w/personalized labels so it might be easier to get that all ready at home?? As for the allowances for alcohol, how did u find out? I had a look online but everything I read said 1L per person? We are flying out of Edmonton April 5th. Supper excited and yes planning jitters too! To top it all off my whole family has the flu including me lol.
  3. Hi Julibee! thanks for you post looks like you and I will be there the same time! We are getting married April 8th! you mentioned bringing your own wine? I'm looking into doing the same thing, are you going to get your wine at the duty free or pick it up at home and put it in you checked baggage? I was planning on the duty free shop but I can't reach them there and am worried about their selection. Any insight?? also question for past brides... Any thoughts on renting the DJ equipment vs having a DJ? i would like to have my own playlist and since we are a small group we will likely leave the dancing for the disco after the reception. Just not sure if its worth it. My worry is having someone man the iPod for speeches etc or heaven forbid any technical difficulty with equipment
  4. Can any of the past brides comment on the reception food? I was thinking of having the tenderloin and chicken, but also considering the fish as a no beef option (it sounds good). One of my gf"s had a wedding with a Barcelo in Mexico and her one word of advice was to have a tasting prior to the reception. Not sure if we will have time for a tasting since we are only in Dominican 2 days before the wedding. Any thoughts on any of the dishes would be appreciated!
  5. Hi Curls, I'm unable to open your attachment would you email me? rachaelspirig@yahoo.ca thanks
  6. Hi Curls2013, Congratulations! and thanks for your review, I'd love to see your pics. I just sent you a friend request on FB Rachael Spirig. What did you choose for your reception menu? I'm thinking of doing the tenderloin and the chicken but wold like to know what others thought.
  7. Disazaja, Regarding table sizes: When I asked Lianny she said the round table could fit up to 10 ppl but she recommended seating 8 per table. She gave me dimensions of 72x72" not sure what she meant by that since they are round. I can let you know once I receive clarification. Natalieblev, When we went for our site visit we had a look at the panoramic room as well. It is not at the Barcelo Beach Resort (neighboring adults only resort), but there is an adults only section of rooms at the BBPD (there is also a nice adults only pool with private bar and cabanas). It is still Part of the BBPD resort which is a family resort so hopefully it won't be an issue. Hope this helps
  8. Natalieblev, I did request different flowers from Lianny and although she could not guarantee their availability so far in advance she was able to provide prices. I was not able to upload the photos I sent her, but they were bouquet and centerpieces of mostly peonies and hydrangea (both imported flowers hence the no grantee) the bouquet was 125 and the centerpiece 130. They will not offer any credit from the standard flower package. And I will definitely have a alternate plan in mind just in case she cant get what I want. Hope that helps.
  9. Thanks WTunner. I just read your post and had a look through your pics. You look amazing! And congratulations to you and your new hubby. We are also using the roof top for our ceremony, what time of day was your ceremony? Was it too hot for you or your guests (you all look very comfortable in your pics)? I know the roof top is a pretty big space, did they leave any of the lounge furniture on the roof top during the ceremony? I thought it might be nice to have if we do a cocktail hour after wards. Did you have enough daylight for pictures after wards? What time was your reception? How did you like the bridal room? Was there any issue with how many people you could have with you while getting ready? Thanks for your post and your help.
  10. Trivera5521, We visited the resort back in March. We had reservations at several of the a la cart restaurants; steak house, seafood, and Japanese. They were all decent but I would highly recommend the Japanese, the food was great and it is all prepared on the grill in front of you. Not sure how many guests you would be accommodating? The tables around the grill seat about 12 people but maybe they can put something together for you. The other option I thought was really nice was The Cava, It is located between the Seafood restaurant and the Steak house (visible through glass doors off of both restaurants) I think you could probably order from both menus because of where it is situated. It looked like it had its own private balcony, and it seats about 14 people and there is an additional cost of $35 per person. I'm considering this option myself or maybe the Jellyfish restaurant that a few people have mentioned. But I'm not sure what the cost would be for the Jellyfish or how long a drive it is from our resort? As for the beach ceremony; I did see one while I was there, I wasn't planning one myself so I didn't pay to much attention. If memory serves me it was located to the right of the pier (looking out at the ocean of course) in front of the small adults only pool (if that helps at all?). It was nice and didn't seem to have to many tourists around. Disazaja, Thank you for your review it was really great to hear about the hair and makeup, as well as the food. I wasn't thinking that far ahead when I was there and am really kicking myself now!
  11. Disazaja, You must be really excited to visit the resort!? I'm sure it will really help with planning the little details. I visited the resort in March with my fam before we booked anything. We absolutely loved the resort, but unfortunately I wasn't thinking ahead as far as food tasting and hair trials, good on you! What meal options are you considering? Were you thinking of having a cocktail hour? If so will you be doing tastings for there apps as well? While were there we ate at the steak house the seafood place and the Japanese. The steak house was good, the seafood was okay and the Japanese was great! I'm very curious about the canapes the offer at the cocktail hour and how they will measure up. Also as I have mentioned in previous posts, I'm considering changing my reception from the beach to the Bar Higuey (which for whatever reason they never showed me!) All the photos I've seen are of the same angle, if you are able to view this space would you please take some pics from different views so i can try to get a better idea of the space? I would really appreciate it Have a fantastic time!
  12. Hi Bjentil, I saw the pics on pg 17, I was hoping someone on this forum might have some pics with alternate views. Can anyone tell me if there are decorative pools within the space? As for the roof top; yes, we will have to pay extra for this location, $500. I visited the resort this past March and I thought this location absolutely beautiful and would keep other tourists at a distance.
  13. Hi I'm new to the forum, I've been planning for a while but unable to find any good pictures of the Bar Higuey. Our group will be about 40 people, not sure if this space will be to big for us? If you have any would u please post pics?
  14. Congratulations Sunny! Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful. I am new to the forum but have read through most of the posts. We are getting married April 8 2013, We will be holding our ceremony on the Spa roof top and up until a few days ago I was planning a reception on the beach. We stayed at the resort this past March and fell in love,although I wasn't really excited about any of the reception locations. We settled on the beach area. They never showed me the Bar Higuey, it looks beautiful! My concern is the size of the space, we will be a group of about 40 and I think the capacity for the space is about 100. Can anyone tell me if the space is to big for a group our size? Or send me some more pictures of the space?
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