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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JillianB16 Has anyone been married on the beach terrace at Now Sapphire? The Tequila Terrace is booked for the dates we wanted and I don't care to have my ceremony on the beach. We had our wedding at on the Tequilia Terrace, but we did see the beach Terrace. It fairly exposed to the pool area, so if you were getting married during the day, you would have all the pool activity going on around you. Is there any way you can change your wedding date during your stay there> I had originally wanted to get married at the end of the week that we were there (ie a Thursday or Friday), but they only had Tuesday available for the Tequilia Terrace. I made the switch and took the Tuesday - and I am so so glad we did. It was worth it! Depends what you want though, privacy was up on my list of priority, so it was worth it for me to switch.
  2. We had several kids who came with their families for the wedding. My sister in law used the certified babysitter (in her hotel room) for about 4 of the nights they were there for her 2 year old son. No problems at all. My 4 year old and 8 year old nephew went to the exploreres club both the night of the rehersal dinner and the wedding. They give you a pager in case the kids cry/ need you and then you can just run over and check on them. Overall everyone was happy with the arrangement and we had no children at the actual wedding reception. Everyone was happy!
  3. Hello, I did a rehersal dinner the night before the wedding for the family and wedding party. There were 25 people and they had a special on for $25/pp. Set up was beautiful, there was a bar off to the side set up and they served wine we flew in with us for no corckage fee .. I thought it was really nice and really well done, but it entirely depends on your budget. At $25 pp it wasnt too bad and gave us some good time in a setting that was a little more intimate than the wedding day.
  4. We used the photobooth - it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding! It was hilarious and fun - and also takes videos, so as the bride and groom we got a DVD mailed to us with all the pictures and video messages people left us. It was a total highlight/hit!
  5. Ok, from what I remember our wedding was at 5, cocktail hour at 6 and dinner at 7:30. The ending time was then set to 10 pm. We then paid $15 per person to keep the bar open for every hour after that (in our case we had 50 people so it was $750 plus tip and tax - so it worked out to be almost $1200.) For each guest over the 25 alloted in the package we paid about $124 (including everything) per person. (includes chairs, drinks, dessert, meal). The price for the wedding that is advertised is cheap, but once you start planning everything this is not a cheap way to do a wedding. It worked for us though because I got everything I wanted and it was still cheaper than doing a wedding in the city of Toronto where we live.
  6. @ Rani Dae. We were able to pick two courses, but you need to be really organized. I made a seating chart with everyone's name, and then wrote their meal selection underneath it and just sent it to Anel with the other forms. It turned out perfect!
  7. Sorry, I posted the wrong links! Let me try again: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151667925545380.1073741828.518665379&type=1&l=b4ef3b4f18 and: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151668300600380.1073741829.518665379&type=1&l=31fe468644
  8. Hello All, I just got my pictures in from the wedding photographer that we brough with us to the resort (from Canada). I thought I would share the album so you can get ideas on set-up, location, dance floor, rehersal dinner set up ect. Please feel free to ask any questions, I spent every day on this forum when I was planning! Rehersal Dinner and Wedding Ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10151667925545380.1073741828.518665379&type=1 Wedding Reception and After Party: https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10151668300600380.1073741829.518665379&type=3
  9. @Mya062813 Hi Mya, Yes there was lighting (great job on the lighting!) and a bubble machine included as well! Also they brought out bags of long baloons when we were well into party mode - it was a hit! The person manning the speaker system did operate the ipod, however you will want to make a play list bc he does not go through and pick songs out. If you keep your first dance song on its own list he will que it up and play it when needed. He was really good, just have your play list ready and then dont worry about a thing! They are total experts at everything! Everything seems to go off without a hitch at all!
  10. If they stay at the resort there should not be a vendor fee. My Photographer came in from Canada and stayed the week with us, no additional charges.
  11. Hi Ladies, I have not been active on this thread, however I have diligently read it for the last 10 months. Just wanted to let everyone know that I had my wedding on the Tequilia Terrace on April 16 - and it was the most perfect amazing thing I could have asked for. Just wanted to throw a few points out to put your mind at ease over what seems to be some common concerns: We had 55 people with the devine package. We upgraded chairs to the gold tiffany chairs, had one hour additonal bar service and the champange toast ect. It was worth every penny. The staff there (cheers to Ramon here) was total 5 star all the way. It was a first class wedding and everything ( I mean EVERYTHING was perfect). Decor: We brought our own table runners, centre pieces and table names. I had 4 cases of decorations that we brought to Ramon's office. We set up a mock table in his office, he took a picture and the rest was up to him, and it was PERFECT. The day after the wedding everything was perfectly packed up and put back in my room. Photobooth. Expensive, but the best $800 ever spent. Guests could not get enough of it, and the video the give you at the end is hilarious! Photograper: We used the free hotel photographer just for the one hour of the ceremony. We flew in our own photographer from Canada to do the main shoot. Hotel photograper got some decent shots. THe package comes with a free hardcover photobook of 24 pictures, so I had the hotel photographer shoot the ceremony (with my own photographer) and then do the formal family pictures. I will try to post his pictures to my profile. I am happy with them. DJ: we rented the speaker system and brought an ipod. There is a guy that is there to admin the playlist, and the speaker system is HUGE and blasts out club like sound. Seriously no need for a DJ at all. lounge seats: we rented the premium couches for around the dance floor - amazing touch for people to relax on (they are also then included for the cocktail hour). Hair: The salon on site is great. I have very long extensions and they did a great job with them! Ladies, plan to tie your hair back - its REALLY windy! (bonus is that you dont overheat in your dress). Any questions - pm me! thanks and enjoy your weddings. best resort EVER!
  12. Thanks for the information - super helpfull! I am leaning toward the ipod option myself!
  13. We are getting married there April 16, 2013 - what have other people done with respect to a DJ? Generally how many hours did you book ine for, and did you bring yoru own music?
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