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  1. Yea, the new bikes are to get around the resort. I follow tripadvisor and a common complaint is that the trolley that circles the resort takes forever to come. It's also a pain for some to walk from the Reserve to the rest of the resort in the hot sun. So, I assume that's why this new management is adding the bike service. Lucky you for getting a planner from the Miami office who's good. I've definitely heard specific horror stories from other brides who were depending on them. It's unfortunate though. Maybe it was just a couple who give everyone else there a bad name. Anyhow, good luck on your big day!!!!
  2. You have no idea how much I needed to hear what you said! The only upgrades I heard about were the bikes. Soooooo where are you seeing these new pics???? I haven't hired a separate planner, but thanks to this board I learned early on not to work with the Miami office.
  3. Online reviews keep mentioning outdated rooms and the long check in process. Anyone experience this? Unless you are reserve or royal service you apparently have to wait to check in. Then, for royal service, your butler's main responsibility is to sell you a timeshare. People are writing that if you don't want it, then they don't help you the rest of your visit.
  4. Did anyone use the officiant provided by the resort for a symbolic ceremony? I've heard that sometimes it's the wedding planner, but I'd like a man to do it.
  5. I was shocked when I saw that reply! lol. I was defending your decision. Thanks for clarifying ;-) Best of luck finding lower fares.
  6. Ummm.... buying tickets now or next month is really not last minute. It completely depends on where you are flying from. Airlines sometimes wait until 6 weeks out to drop prices because people who are ready book so far out are less affected by price. Meaning the airlines know that people who plan their trips so far in advance would rather pay a higher price and have the security of a seat than wait til later. For that reason, I only started booking a few of my family's tickets this week for my Oct 19 wedding. The rest I will wait for. I checked flights weekly since fares were released for our dates and daily since April. I've watched as each months flights were high initially and then within 2 months those fares went down. Oct's have fallen a tad, but should be coming down even further soon...because like TishaJules said the planes have so many open seats. Last year, the lowest prices for the Caribbean were seen 6 months out. This yr it's been spotty. Very unpredictable.
  7. Could you use US Airways? I just bought some 10% off gift cards from the Arizona Challenger Space Program. US Airways gave them gift cards to sell for fundraising. Because they are a charity I can deduct the money I spent to buy the cards from our taxes next yr. And, I bought them on a credit card that I earn hotel points on.
  8. True! My post is referring to brides who did not book before that. I would be a new client. I'm just warning the folks who are reading this thread and planning to request pricing, etc.
  9. True! My post is referring to brides who did not book before that. I would be a new client. I'm just warning the folks who are reading this thread and planning to request pricing, etc.
  10. It would be helpful if you stated what your service is. Photography? Videography? Wedding Planning?
  11. I just want to inform new brides that the prices have gone up. Now the mixed grill is $99 + $15pp for snorkeling. I'll be looking for alternatives now!
  12. Thanks Kissta! Do you remember which tour operator you went with? I'm reading a lot of complaints about the majority of them out there.
  13. We're planning on staying at PPC for 4 days with our families before the wedding night. Then, we're thinking of spending 2 nights after our wedding at the Palma Real before heading home. Did anyone else take a couple days "honeymoon" after their stay at PPC? I can imagine that we'll welcome a break away from the fam and to enjoy a mini-moon before heading back home...but it is kinda expensive ;-(
  14. Anyone have a civil (legal) religious ceremony (not-Catholic)? We probably won't have the 1 available Justice of the Peace travel to our venue and perform the legal ceremony there. Heard too many issues with it. I read that religious weddings are legal, you just have to go register your marriage afterwards. Do you have to get certificates beforehand? Have your pastor sign the papers? Do you have to use a local pastor? PPC charges $500 to supply a local pastor. If we went to the local JOP office the day before or after the "wedding" do you know what the words are they say? Is "I Do" included? I searched online and can't find it anywhere.
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