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  1. KLCunni- stop stressing! someone else posted a review that i read, and a lot of things made more sense. the girls at the resort do this 3 times a day, every weekend and weekday for a long time. even though they're really slow with responding to emails, they have it all under control. private dinner at the steakhouse is $1,000. beach dinner is $500 for set up and $55 per person for dinner. do you have the extras and optional services price sheet? i can email it to you if you don't have it already. i've heard so many complaints about the flowers being really expensive and not what the brides ordered. (and there is a $250 floral vendor fee) i bought a ton of silk flowers and made my own boquets... they look real and gorgeous. as for photographer, i'm renting a really nice camera and having whoever has the camera take as many pictures as possible. the photographers down there are great, but pretty expensive (from what i've read) let me know if you have any other questions! but YES, i would for the most part (with the exception of flowers) let everything flow.. like i said before they do it ALL the time, and i'm sure have figured out all the little details that we stress about.
  2. Hi Ladies! yes, i am having a rehearsal- we have 8 people on either side, and Nekisha said if your wedding party is over 12 people a rehearsal is recommended. she also said we can meet with the minister before the wedding (i don't want it to be really religious- that is not really our thing). Mfraizer, don't worry about the resort, it's gorgeous and SO much fun. how many people are coming for your wedding? for flowers, i did all of my own silk (they look absolutly stunning, and REAL!). as for photographer, we are just renting a really nice camera and bringing it along- going to designate one guest for the wedding to just take a ton of pictures.
  3. YES, i want to see the pictures too but couldn't find you!
  4. yes, and the food is really good. magnetstreet.com is where i'm getting my invites, they're really cheap and good quality. i went with the beach theme, but they have the passport ones as well!
  5. oh, goodness.. we each have 8 people on each side, and all coming! (38 people booked so far) yes, all my silk flowers are pretty much finished, and for all flowers it was only around $250.00... and they look real- and gorgeous! the food at the steak house is really good, and i've had it every time i've been there. the only thing they don't really explain to you is that for the first two courses, (salad/app/soup) is not served to you. it is all buffet style. the only thing actually served on a plate to you is your main course. i don't mind it though, because then no appetizers go to waste and you can pick what you like. dessert is also buffet style, but i think it would be served during the reception? i can let you know after my wedding
  6. Hi Ladies! Here is what I am taking with Ceremony: all silk flowers, all of the girls bouquets, guys boutonnieres and corsages for family members. All of the packages come with a free bouquet and boutonniere for the groom, but all of the pictures I’ve seen I wasn’t a big fan. Also, it is really expensive to purchase all of the others flowers. I spend a couple hundred on silk and they look amazing. The left over flowers I will give to decorate my cake. Fan programs for each chair I am having the private beach reception without dinner.. so after dinner(semi- private steak house) we will dance on the sand under the stars (weather permitting). OOT bags(bridal party ONLY): ibuprofen, Gatorade powder packets, mini first aid kit, tums, snacks (no chocolate, it will melt!), eye drops, tide to go wipes, mini sun screen, chap stick, wedding day itinerary. Each bag came to around $14 dollars. RIU MoBay is fantastic. I have been 5 or 6 times.. and can't seem to get myself/family to go to any other resort- because there is nothing that compares. Pool bar and jerk chicken on the beach is unbeatable.
  7. RIU Montego Bay (might be apple or funjet, not specifically RIU) we get every 11th person free. 30-60 days after you return home, you choose what CC the money is reimbursed to.
  8. Hi Mrs. Binns, getting married at RIU mobay April 3rd, 2013. I've been to RIU several times... just getting excited for it to be here! 3 months! have you been to RIU MoBay? do you have any questions?!
  9. Where are your pictures located? THANKS for the review! really helpful!
  10. You have NO idea how helpful this was. THANK YOU!
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