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  1. Hi guys, Well I have had the lastest updates mid- production pics for my Vera wang inspiration gemma dress that I ordered through Jasmine's bridal. Please let me know your thoughts and whether you think there are any changes / requests that I need to let them know about. Their customer service has so far been fab. Be as honest as you like here really. Is anything slightly off? I am not a seamstress so not entirely sure of what adjustments to make. Is the alignment ok? Is the bust area alright? I want to make sure there is a modest amount of cleavage showing. i.e I dont want the top of the dress to completely cover the entire breast area...if that makes sense. You know when you wrap a towel around your body and you totally cover the bust area with a towel....well I dont want the top bit that covered! I want a hint of bosom/cleavage so that it stays sexy elegant...but nothing too over the top. Do you think this neckline will do that? Anyway, thoughts/observations please ladies! I am quite pleased I have to say! They still haven't finished as they have some work to do on the skirt, the back etc. But so far it looks good I think. Please shout if you notice even the tiniest little thing that should be corrected though. :-)
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